Schaffer-Vega Diversity System

04 May How it all started: The history of the SVDS

Dear members,

Over the past few weeks lots of questions regarding old Cetec-Vega devices and technical details of the original Schaffer-Vega Diversity System (SVDS) came up. We got mails, people asking and discussing in the comments, so we were able to contact Mr. Schaffer himself to ask if he would be so kind as to fill-in pieces about the technology and of the history we didn’t already know – basically, “How did this all happen?” which leads to more questions and discussions of course – and he was agreeable.

So, get ready for a nice dose of Rock history!

For the impatient reader, I’ll sum up the key facts first. For the rest of the people, have a nice reading of more detail, and Mr. Schaffer’s comments below the key facts, which are really worth reading:

Key Facts


  • Cetec-Vega devices were not intended or tailored for use with a guitar. Vega specialized in building wireless microphone gear for “relatively” non-demanding, low decibel, applications. SVDS was the first system to be designed, tested and built specifically for guitars. (more…)
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05 Mar The “Raiders” strike again! SVDS tone on a Mini Marshall MS-2

And another SVDS test recording. Probably with the smallest possible amp to test with: A one watt battery driven Marshall MS-2: marshall ONE watt mp3

Recorded nonetheless with our usual high standards:

Now, even such a small amp can have a lot of balls when pushed with a SVDS, right? And the replica will do the same great job!


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05 Mar More news from the “Raiders”: The Schaffer-Vega Diversity and Guitar Rig!

Okay, we heard the SVDS numerous times through big, powerful tube amps.

And here we hear it through a small combo.

So what about something that many members of solodallas.com use: Guitar Rig?

Does the SVDS work together with Guitar Rig? YES, it does! And so will do our replica!

Feel free to listen yourself to the SVDS over Guitar rig, freshly from our test lab. Actually Fil sent this recordings to me for listening, but I like them so much that I made a new posting out of it.

Played with a 1970 SG standard: Guitar RIG SVDS

And another one, something bluesy. Again recorded with Guitar Rig, this time a 1969 SG custom with brand new Angus Young signature pickup in her: svds 69 custom guitar rig

Both recordings right out of Guitar Rig, no additional EQ or other modifications. Just a guitar, the SVDS and Guitar Rig. And FIl 🙂


Guitar Rig settings (boldly asked Fil for settings screenshot :-P)


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05 Mar The “Raiders Of The Lost Sound” And A Cheap Marshall: Your Schaffer-Vega Diversity On A Budget Amp.

This “test” has been missing for a long time. Too long.



With happiness your,

SoloDallas Team 🙂


Raiders from SoloDallas on Vimeo.


Technical Info



PS The more I think of it, the real thing I was willing to say was “The Touch Of The SVDS” (on any amp it goes into).

I will say it now.


The SVDS and its “magical touch”, © Ken Schaffer, NYC.

And you folks want to know what the SVDS user manual (and some ads) used to say? “We beat time and space”.

Boy, wasn’t it real for us. These units have beaten to hell Time and Space. Yes, because 30 years later, they’re still here and working, and making their thing. 

Wow. Just wow.


See for yourself!


[singlepic id=586 w=1024 h=768 float=none]






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03 Mar Franz, Fil & The Schaffer-Vega Diversity News

Sounds like the name of a band, really (Huey Lewis & The news, for example) but no, not really.

Listen to (and watch) this, and rejoyce, you people of the Schaffer-Vega Diversity Union!

Some updates and Goodies inside.




Franz & Fil (i.e., your SoloDallas.com Staff)


Raiders from SoloDallas on Vimeo.


Technical note. the Marshall 1959 used here had the following settings:


Presence: 0

Bass: 6

Mids: 4-5

Treble: 6

Volume: 7


That is, typical Angus Young settings.

The attenuator was still used, but less i.e., the amplifier loudness was definitely higher, finally breaking up a bit more the speakers (Speakers used were original 1979 G12-65s).

Microphones used were one vintage Neumann U67 and one vintage Neumann U87. L

A little reverb was added in post, as well as very mild equalization (some very mild mid-scooping on HMF and LMF, nothing else).

The guitar is a 1969 Gibson SG Custom, with a new, Angus Young signature bridge humbucker.


NO whatsoever gate was used. Nothing. What comes through the microphones is what you hear. Basically, no hiss on this unit. 

Out of the three, working SVDS units we have, this is definitely the best sounding one, in terms of almost not audible hiss. Almost not there! What you hear is what it is. 



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13 Jun High Wattage – AC/DC’s Marshall amps through the years (Work in Progress – UPDATED: Back in Black era uncovered)

Main Research: André Kozuma

Edits and additional info, SoloDallas


So, hello again everyone! 🙂

Here I am again with another article.

This all is mostly things we already know, but I felt that we needed a place to put it all together and make it easier to consult rather than have to search though all the other pages to find the info on the comments or that sort of thing.

What I plan to do is a real Index for everything AC/DC related (gear-wise), but mostly the amps. Perhaps we can cover all of AC/DC’s history, but I can’t do this alone. I would like to ask every member of this community a little help. If you find any bit of info, good pics, videos, whatever it is, that you think it’s interesting, share with us, so we can oficially post it here.

So, let’s start with the amps.

Early Years – High Voltage, TNT, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1973 – 1976)

A few pics:


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