Schaffer-Vega Diversity System

02 May The Schaffer Replica™ Pedal: Product design

Dear Members,

of course we also work on the designs, labeling, inscriptions of both our Replica units. All graphic work is done by our graphic artist  Jacob Yergert, Member headwhop26. And he is doing an awesome job. Great work, Jake!



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29 Apr Frank Marino Writes SoloDallas.com

What would you do if in any of your mornings, a guy named Frank Marino wrote you an email saying he found you on the net?

Hi Fil,
I hope you don’t mind, I found your email on the Net.  My name is Frank Marino.  I am the guitarist for the long-time group Mahogany Rush.  Someone sent me your YouTube Video where you demonstrate your SVDS replicator.  I just wanted to let you know that I still have my SVDS, and it is probably one of the first, if not the first, ever made.  Ken Schaffer asked me to test out one of his very first prototypes, which I did on my tours long ago (as I seem to recall, it was actually a beige-yellow color, I think).  After that, he gave me one of the first production units (black, as they came to look) and I used it for a very long time, doing many albums with it as well as all my shows, including my Live album of 77.  I was one of the first (and maybe the first) of the “wireless guitarists”, and I haven’t used a cord since then… ever.  In the very beginning, I even used to tape the transmitter to the body of my SG so that people could see it in full view, because I didn’t want them to think I was fake-playing to a tape or something like that, since they would not see a cord!  There are some photos of that around, and some writers thought I had taped my cigarette pack to my guitar… imagine!  Here are a couple of those (the names on the pics are the photographers’ names):
After that, others started to use the unit (Angus, etc.) and it became more “normal” to see guys without cords.  Also, since you are a big fan of AC/DC, I thought you might like to see this picture from the old days:
Anyway, I still have the SVDS, and I still use it sometimes in the Studio, but I use a different unit live now (Sennheiser) because I don’t want anything to happen to the original.  I try to make up the difference in sound with other devices, because I am also a designer and builder of electronic gear, and I make all of my own amps, pedals and other things, never for sale but only for my own use.
Finally, I just wanted to let you know that I think it’s very cool that you’re building that unit, and to let you know of my own history with it, and with Ken.  I hope it reproduces the sound accurately, and I wish you very well with it.
Best Regards… Ciao,
Frank Marino – Mahogany Rush
This thing alone made several of my days to follow ( 😆 )
And I am posting it here – too – so that every time I read it, will make me feel better.
Well if you are wondering now – of course Frank will get one of the Gold Tag Edition TSR™ signed by Mr. Ken Schaffer!
Note: published with kind permission of Mr. Frank Marino
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27 Apr The Schaffer Replica™ Pedal!

Dear Friends,

it’s been a while (many things happening/happened),

but here we are again, and for good news, too: I’m proud (literally) to be able to announce that the definitive prototype of our Schaffer Replica™ is ready!

This is our official way of opening the pre-order list, too: as it was for the Gold Tag edition, we will be taking orders at replica-preorder@solodallas.com


I used a different amplifier this time – but I’ll demo this prototype with the usual amps too shortly – just to demonstrate that the capabilities of the boost on our TSR are really, really worth of your attention.

I set both the pre-amp and the volume levels at 2 on this combo amp – that is basically, a pretty clean sound. Well , listen to what the TSR does to such a clean sound!

Recorded with one U67 clone (“Peluso 67”).


Yours – always,

Fil 🙂


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26 Jan Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version – Part IV

Dear members,

Just a small update on our progress on the TSR Replica build/production:

Pedal version

  • The work on the TSR pedal version started, all layouts and schematics were done.
  • Parts and PCBs for three TSR pedal prototypes are ordered.
  • We expect the first three TSR pedal prototypes to be ready for testing at mid February.
  • Of course Fil will demo the TSR pedal prototypes.
  • One of the TSR pedal prototypes will go to the case builder as manufacturing sample.
  • The pedal will be housed in a standard 100mm x 100mmm black Aluminium cast pedal case.

Gold Tag version

  • We mentioned a problem with the Gold Tag TSR which is solved now: the case is a bit too small to put the PCB at the bottom, so we had to rearrange it to the left side and change a few things.
  • Also here we ordered a few prototype PCBs and parts to build a fully functional pre-production prototype.
  • This pre-production prototype will also be ready by mid February and will also go to the case builder company as manufacturing sample.

We will update you with a few photos as soon as possible.

Update as per 29th January 2013: First photos of the Gold Tag case available, please see below. No marking yet. We will update you with more photos during the progress. Have fun!

Your SoloDallas Team



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23 Nov Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version – Part III

Dear members,

While we are still preparing the production of the Gold Tag version, we already ordered the first parts. And today we got the first delievery. The tuner knobs. Very hard to find, took us almost a week of searching the net, Because, you know, we want the original ones. And we got them. Thousand of them (yes, literally) came in today. Will be used for the pedal version too.


Knobs delievery 1


Knobs delievery 2


Knobs delievery 3


We will keep you updated.

Your SoloDallas Team

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13 Nov The Word Spreads Out.

Dear Friends,

Been a while I haven’t posted here – home!

Very busy with “everything” 😀 But things are looking…. great, frankly.

Having said that, it seems like the word about Angus Young using the SVDS is… spreading out (check below). I wonder where they read it on?




Fil! 🙂


Article found by member RangemasterJim:

[singlepic id=609 w=1024 h=768 float=]

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