Schaffer-Vega Diversity System

01 Nov So What’s the Schaffer Replica™ Going To Sound Like On Guitar Rig, You Say?

Not bad at all, I’d say.

But you tell me.


(generic Jump head settings, nothing else, standard settings)


Gibson Angus Young Signature, #37 of 50; Seymour Dancan Pearly Gates (modified for AYS)

Rock N’ Roll Relics “Angus Model”, David Allen Prototype t-top

1966 Gibson SG Standard, t-top


Please note: no whatsoever processing done; recorded on Apple portable computer shown in picture and uploaded onsite.








And please do tell us in the comments!

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31 Oct AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (SoloDallas cover)

With this one I wanted to do something slightly different than the previous two songs: use the TSR™ the whole time. Would it be accurate, fair and sound good all at the same time? I don’t know, let’s evaluate it together item by item. (more…)

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31 Oct AC/DC’s “Walk All Over You”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (A SoloDallas’ Cover) NOW WITH EQ Settings and RECORDING Details.

One of the first things that I want to let you know is that our videos won’t be blocked in any country from now on (unless they lock me up for copyright infringement, that is, which sooner or later they will and then some of you who have direct access to Mal or Ang will have to vouch for me). Our videos are now on our own server. Should be visible from any media player too, including the pads, peds, pods etc. (more…)

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28 Oct And How’s The Schaffer Replica™ Is Going To Sound With A Fender Stratocaster?

Well, like this, no?


Played on an hybrid Fender Stratocaster (early 1960s body, late 1960s neck), on an original 1970s Marshall Lead & Bass, Attenuated though an Aracom Attenuator; The Schaffer Replica on 100% companding, 100% Boost

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22 Oct AC/DC’s “Shot Down In Flames”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (SoloDallas cover)

[jwplayer mediaid=”9665″]


Details details… God is in the details, they say.

Before you proceed in reading this one, I ask that you read my previous one. The album “Highway To Hell” has naturally many things in common song for song first and foremost being, naturally, the way the guitars were recorded. So please make sure you read here “Walk All Over You” before continuing the short remainder below.

Having worked for so long on the previous “Walk All Over You”, has given me quite an insight on the whole album. You go back and forth listening to one song hundred of times, in mono, stereo, left channel, right channel. Everything can count to get it right when you are looking for hints (for your sound to match). (more…)

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04 Oct Breaking News: LAST TSR™ Prototype Batch (for CE Validation) Arrived. Pre-Production Ended. Final Production Stage Entered.

I wanted to be the one to let you all know about this: I just got these pics from Franz minutes ago, fresh from Vienna (where I’m flying tomorrow morning for this). We have them. Final, definitive prototypes of both the Gold Tag Edition and the Pedal Version, minus the labeling (i.e., the graphics) are done. Metal case looks beautiful. VU Meter lights up. Love this stuff.

To you.

Thanks for waiting this long with me.



Gold Tag & Pedal (Click To Enlarge)

Gold Tag & Pedal
(Click To Enlarge)

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