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05 Mar More news from the “Raiders”: The Schaffer-Vega Diversity and Guitar Rig!

Okay, we heard the SVDS numerous times through big, powerful tube amps.

And here we hear it through a small combo.

So what about something that many members of solodallas.com use: Guitar Rig?

Does the SVDS work together with Guitar Rig? YES, it does! And so will do our replica!

Feel free to listen yourself to the SVDS over Guitar rig, freshly from our test lab. Actually Fil sent this recordings to me for listening, but I like them so much that I made a new posting out of it.

Played with a 1970 SG standard: Guitar RIG SVDS

And another one, something bluesy. Again recorded with Guitar Rig, this time a 1969 SG custom with brand new Angus Young signature pickup in her: svds 69 custom guitar rig

Both recordings right out of Guitar Rig, no additional EQ or other modifications. Just a guitar, the SVDS and Guitar Rig. And FIl 🙂


Guitar Rig settings (boldly asked Fil for settings screenshot :-P)


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13 Sep “Back in Black” Tone Attempt (Cetec Vega Diversity)

I am silent, but that doesn’t mean I am not working. Hectically, actually (replica Schaffer, performances, new ideas, etc.).

I have studied more in depth and tried more experiments.

Here’s my latest attempt.

Hoping you’ll enjoy it,


Fil 🙂

Back in Black Cetec Vega FRONT Boost Latest Attempt


PS It was recorded with the Cetec Vega – not the Schaffer – as both my working units are at the lab!



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08 Sep Analog Tape Recording Basics

No, I haven’t gone “crazy”. I used to have a real, analog (real tape) Studer A800, but it was hard (difficult) to use.

Today, we have (and we’ll keep on having in the future) the option of the “emulations”. One emulation I am really using extensively right now is the Studer A800 tape recording.

It’s provided in fact by Universal Audio, and it is the one I know that several professionals are also using currently. I use it for everything AC/DC related, since AC/DC recorded onto tape at least until the mid 1990s (definitely so on every early record, including Back in Black). It really adds something special, as a finishing touch.

You can see here what I used (and use regularly) recently to simulate the several aspects of a recording studio. Most of the plugins I use are from Universal Audio UAD 2

I am copying and pasting this directly from Universal Audio: (more…)

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16 May Avid’s Chris Townsend Talks about SoloDallas

Although I think egotism, self appreciation and stardom have to be strongly fought (inside of ourselves, for first) I am pleased to tell you that Mr. Chris Townsend – Lead Guitar Products Architect at Avid – has compiled a “definitive Eleven Rack Tracks List” – in Avid’s Eleven Rack Blog.

A few of my renditions with the Eleven Rack have been added: You’ll see the list right there.


And here’s Mr. Townsend comments on SoloDallas:

Special recognition should go to a few users in particular who are phenomenal players and really show off Eleven Rack to its potential.   Fil Oliveri, also known as SoloDallas (solodallas.com), can get the best AC/DC tone of anyone I’ve ever heard.  So much so that you might even swear you are listening to Angus and Malcom.  If you’re interested in how to get that kind of tone yourself, his site is full of great tips.

Do I feel proud? Yes, I do.

BUT I always look forward to successes for the community. As you know, I do NOT have an interest for myself for a “music” career. I did my choice years ago already.

However, being recognized more and more as a Rock point of reference, fills me with hope.


Yours, always,


Fil 🙂

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12 May Fractal Audio “Axe FX II” is out.

Great news for the modeling community.

Building up over the past version(s) of Axe FX – guitar amplifier modeler (in the likes of Eleven Rack, Guitar Rig, Amplitube, … ) – a new Axe FX was released.

I am not talking about a new version of the firmware; I am talking about a new, improved modeler.

Curious to try one myself.


Fractal Audio FX II

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05 May The Very “Secrets” of Equalizing a Recorded Guitar

After months and months of time spent with my Sonnox Oxford Equalizer, I just bumped into this terrific, super short write up done by Scott Smith at Legendary Tones.

I’m reposting here just the very core of it, worth studying by memory.

This means, practically, that everyone one of you, every single one of you recording their guitars – no matter with what and how – should at least read it 10 times and maybe, print it out and stick it on your monitor. I have 😀 (more…)

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04 May Where is Fil?

Legit question. I disappeared. Not that you should care, but if you wondered… sick children and… Back in Black.


I’ve been stuck into re-playing/re-recording Back in Black.

It’s my obsession, but it is also more rational than simply being something I do for me: I did say it back then, and I’ll say it now more than ever: I want to nail every main AC/DC record tone down to the bone as much as possible and document it, step by step, with video, pictures (microphone positions by the inch; settings of any kind, … ) and text. This I feel is a mission I love to be in and also, in modern times, something that there is need of even for the future (documenting the classics).

It’s been days that I wanted to nail the tone 100%. Not simply “close” “yeah… almost there…” but really 100% (well, 99% will do).

I want to do one last try. I tried almost every possible combination of what I have here (in terms of, mics, position, loudness, settings, … ).

I know, the room, the mics, the outboard (console, preamps, … ). A lot of things I still don’t have (and will likely never have).


Bought a new soundcard, better than before (better mic pre’s), it’s a FireFace fourhundred:


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