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14 Nov It’s Official: The Schaffer Replica was used on AC/DC’s album “Rock Or Bust” (Guitar Player Magazine)

Whew. I can finally say it out loud; or scream it. Or simply, continue to whisper it…ppst, the Schaffer Replica – an act of love initially, now a serious element of my entire life – has been used by Angus Young across the whole recording sessions for the latest AC/DC album – out on the next 2nd of December 2014 – “Rock Or Bust”.

The whole story is being covered by Guitar Player Magazine chief Editor Michael Molenda, who has interviewed Angus and Cliff yesterday in NYC (Michael was in touch with Ken Schaffer as well).

We will be interviewed as well for our side of the story next week, and the two stories – AC/DC’s new album and our “Schaffer Replica twist” will be mixed together in a main article on Guitar Player Magazine.

You can read of sneak preview of the paper article, due out on the January 2015 Guitar Player Magazine issue (thus out for us next December 2014, usually one month in advance) here


It’s funny, if you stop and  think about the following for a minute: my search for AC/DC (Angus) sound certainly started many, many years ago, but only got its more serious twist when I read that article on Guitar Player Magazine from 1984. It’s funny (strange) that I happen to be covered on the same magazine, exactly 30 years later.




(PS expect loads more of information and stuff from us; we were only working behind for all of this; tons of news and goodies to come in 2015!)

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Angus Schaffer Replica (Guitar Player)

14 Sep The Schaffer Replica at Guitar Player!

Dear Members,

Of course the TSR has been something of a secret… You know, labor of love here on SD. But a lot of things are converging… Our first production run – sold out on the GT and on the pedal – the great unsolicited comments our first users have begun posting here… Then, Fil’s trip to Vancouver to meet with Angus, and the new album – possibly before the end of the year, to celebrate AC/DC’s 4 decades!!

And now the TSR, that started as a “little special something” for our SoloDallas members… is breaking out: we just got the news that “Guitar Player” Magazine has just today published a sneak preview, “The “Secret” of Angus Young’s Classic AC/DC Guitar Sound?” about the TSR. (If you remember, it was a February 1984 “Guitar Player” interview with Angus Young, when asked “Do you use any effects,” he said “I only use a Schaffer-Vega wireless” which brought Fil on the right track on his search for the “Back in Black” tone.) (more…)

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