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17 Mar Boston’s “Party” SoloDallas Cover

I love Boston. But right now I’m running, no time to talk.

And believe me, we have a lot to talk about Boston, Marshall tone and the like.

Please watch this for now; I’ll be back later and introduce you to a great researcher, he’s done what I did for AC/DC with Boston.

His name on our SoloDallas.com is “RockmanCentral“, and he literally uncovered all the known information, secrets, methods and gear to get “that” Boston “tone”.

Over the years, I remember going to his site to learn.

On this cover, I used a little “gadget” that I have been owning for maybe 15-20 years: a “Rockman“. It was given to me by my Italian-Canadian friend “Max” (Max, are you reading? Was finally able to put your Rockman to work, after all these years!). The “Rockman” is a product of Mr. Tom Scholtz himself, but I will let RockmanCentral talk to you about it when he is ready to.

I went straight into the Rockman with all guitars (clean and driven) and then, output the Rockman into the Wizard Modern Classic, with settings presence 0, bass 0, miss 0 (!), treble 6, master 4 and pre 2.

Really in clean mode, as the big part here had to be the Rockman’s.

Recorded with a SM57 and U87.

The EQ Plugins I used on this one were Neve 1081 modules, a classic in rock music.


Below: a Rockman Unit similar to the one used in this video.


Update, courtesy of our RockmanCenter.com Friend, we now can post this superb image of Mr. Tom Scholtz who appears to be in the studio probably recording (right mouse “open in a new window” to enlarge it).


Several things are worth a mention (as superb gear of that time and all times in recording history): A 1176 Urei Compressor, a DBX Compressor, two tape machines, several of his own Rockman units,  a Conn Strobe Guitar tuner (just like AC/DC’s, as seen in movie Let There Be Rock) and several others. Superb. Thank you Bob!



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