Blues Improvisation

17 Mar Blues Improvisation


Justin Ainsworth

I started playing guitar back in '08 and never slowed down since. My name's Justin and I'm 14. The only genre of music i play is classic rock. I'm trying to contribute to that Back in Black tone that we all love. When I'm not on here I'm either at home recording or riding my horses.

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    Posted at 23:24h, 17 March

    Ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Recording in progress! lol

    Nice blues jam!

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      Posted at 23:38h, 17 March

      Thanks. I still don’t think its very good though because i hardly ever play the blues.

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        Posted at 23:48h, 17 March

        I think it sounds great and you play blues just fine. Arguably, rock and roll solos are basically blues solos anyway. Listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn, he is noted as a great blues guitar player yet he is as much rock and roll as anybody. Jimi, blues or rock? He is both! And AC/DC is VERY much blues. Listen to The Jack, pure 12 bar blues right there. Angus learned his licks from the blues as did most guitar players from that era who molded what we call rock and roll.

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          Posted at 00:03h, 18 March

          AC/DC is indeed blues based but its a different blues than SRV. Angus plays in the scales differently and his licks are different. take the Back In Black solo for instance. i don’t know if i ever could come up with a solo like that. just for you mentioning the jack i think im going to have to do a cover now lol.

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