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18 Sep The Replica: Final Prototype – Update: First Audio tracks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the Replica is final!

All these demos and A/B recordings you hear, oscilloscope graphs you see – traces everything from input to output and every adjustment – is the work of our replica.

Our current prototype. That’s what we work and play with, at the moment.

 A lot of you have been following every step we made toward creation of the Replica – more than a year – and are chomping at the bit to get a unit.


“What’s holding it up?” You ask.

Almost as much effort – especially over the past few weeks, since the circuit boards have been printed – has gone into producing the cabinet we want house the Replica.

It may sound eccentric, but we decided – and stated – long ago that we want the Replica to make its debut not only /sounding /exactly like the SVDS, but looking like it.
Yes (sigh) there is an element of Nostalgia we’ve admitted to the timeline. Yes, we’ve taken some really big effort for insisting on that level of authenticity.
Yes, because the Replica exists to do magic things to sound, what it looks like could be thought to be secondary.  We know all that.

Supplying the case itself has just gone out for bids with several fabricators and the decision we made within the next couple of weeks. Physically, it will resemble the original SVDS almost perfectly. Unlike our above pictured prototype does.

How does it work?

It combines the full audio sections of a SVDS transmitter (X-10) and a SVDS receiver (63EX) in one case, without radio waves connecting both parts. They sit just next to each other on one board, and the input signal is processed in the “transmitter” and reprocessed in the “receiver,” exactly as it was in the original SVDS.

How does it sound?

The Replica is constructed and built with a HUGE financial effort – original SVDS units were located, bought, a superb techs did the reconstruction, it has high quality, high end, super good sounding parts – including some essential components that have been out-of-production for almost 2 decades – we looked under every rock to build up sufficient quantities of these components.

Now, the Audio tracks. Just some jamming and getting warm with the Replica.

First Audio track: Replica and Wizard Vintage Classic:

[jwplayer mediaid=”8364″]

Second Audio track: Replica and a Marshall 2203 from 1978:

[jwplayer mediaid=”8365″]

 Third Audio track: Replica and Marshall 1959 from 1976:

[jwplayer mediaid=”8368″]

Notes on the recording of the clips: 

With the exception of where and when noted, ALL amps settings were around: P0 (except on 2203 at the beginning); B7;M4-5 (between 4 and 5 variably); T4-5 (same); Volume 7-8

only effect used is reverb; added some limiting to the channel (from within ProTools) not to clip (thus distort) the signal. Two microphones used, one Neumann U87 and Neumann U67.

There will be two editions:

  • Gold Tag: The Replica in an original looking SVDS case.
  • Pedal: The Replica in a modern standard size stomp box pedal case.

Gold Tag Boxes will be delivered in an awesome looking case that looks just like that box Angus had sitting on his amp. And Pink Floyd. And Kiss. And lots of other great 70s & 80s bands. First rough price estimation for the “Gold Tag” version is around USD $400. Mr. Schaffer will sign each unit personally.

The first run of 100 units will be considered the very limited “Gold Tag” edition: each of these hundred will be designated for members who’ve signed for one on the preorder list numbered and signed/certified by Mr. Schaffer. Pricing for this short run (currently something around USD $400) will take into account some buffer room for unexpected expenses, etc.

Finally, the stomp box pedal version… this will carry a more popular price and will get its own announce, demo and test.

The full story we’re doing with the big version now. Prescription list will be opened shortly.

We’re happy. Enjoy!
Your SoloDallas Team.

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18 Sep The eBay “Watch” Post

Update info as per 18th Sep 2012: removed outdated links and older comments. Banane (Franz)


I am frequently asked by many of you “Fil, what could or should I buy…? Would this or that be good, and how much should I pay?… listen Fil, this one sounds like a great rock and roll guitar….?”

So this is the place for you to post links to point me to, or for me to point you to, equipment sales ads of interest.

So from time to time I’ll post here selected eBay items (and other internet places/links) that either I would buy myself or strongly suggest you to look into. Please feel free to do the same in the comment boxes below, I’ll look into them eventually and add it to the post here).

Most of the time, I will look for/will be looking at issue/bargain pieces.


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