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14 Apr Introducing the SoloDallas.net file space

Hello all,

one of your requests were a space for exchanging data. Pictures, Guitar rig settings, audio files. Now we have one.

The SoloDallas.net file space at http://filespace.exception.at/ .

Access is free for every member, though everyone who wants to use it, needs to request a password from me. Also, if you have any questions, just send me a mail to banane@exception.at or ask here in the comments.

Please keep in mind that the file space is only for us here at solodallas.com and only for exchanging data and other files of interest.


How does it work?

Simple. After logging in, you will see a list of folders:

Uploading files

In my example here, I want to upload a picture of Fil. So just click on the folder where you want to upload your data. Please don’t upload data outside a folder, we need to keep it proper there.

Now I click on the “Upload” icon in the upper right. A File requester comes up:


After selecting the file to upload, click on “Upload”. The file is transferred to the server now. Depending on the size of the file and your internet connection speed, it can take some time.

Maximum file size is 200 Megabytes. Not 750 Megabytes as shown in the picture.

Now the file is uploaded:

Describing Files

Often, after some days/weeks/months nobody remembers a file by its name. So it’s important to enter a description. To enter a description for a file, click on the Icon at the left of the file name, in the “Type” column:


Now you can enter a meaningful description, dont forget to click “Edit description” at the end to save the description:


The description is now visible in the Desctiption field in the file list:


Downloading files

Most files can be downloaded by just clicking on their name. Some files like images will be shown directly instead of downloaded. here you can either right-click on the name and chose “Download file” from the context menu or use the small “Arrow down” button at the left of the file name:



Linking Files

A cool feature is the file linking. You want to notify one of your mates here at solodallas.com that you upload a file for him in an easy way? No problem, just send him the link.

Right click on the file name, chose “Copy link address” and send him the copied link address. He has to log on at the file space and can download it afterwards by clicking on the link you sent him.


Any questions left? No problem, just ask here in the comments or mail me at banane@exception.at.



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13 Apr It’s The Vega, Baby! (FIRST VEGA TEST)

Still learning here.

With this one, I took away some more TX level. I realized it was too much on the arpeggio piece-thing in the middle of the song: my picking hand was too noisy because of the excess compression.

You see, this thing works as follow: there is a compressor on the TX; and an expander on the RX.

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11 Apr Breaking News: The Vega works! (Updated)

Another little update, just remind us of all of the importance of the Schaffer Vega:

In 1977 Angus was first introduced to the brand new technology of the wireless guitar system. The New York Palladium 1977 concert would be the very first time Angus would use the brand new wireless guitar transmitter. Before this, Angus was limited to the length of the guitar wire, so stage crew used to guide the guitar cable behind him during his audience walk about routine.

The very first system was a Schaffer-Vega diversity system, which was a bulky system, the transmitter was usually duct taped to Angus’ guitar to avoid any movement or disconnection from the guitar jack, at one point it possibly even being implanted into the cavity of his Gibson SG to help with stability of the unit during Angus’ wild stage antics. Angus would continue to use these systems for at least a decade or more. More recently, Angus (and Malcolm) have been using the Lectrosonics wireless guitar systems on stage.

Bon Scott told in an interview about his first encounter at the New York Palladium dressing room “I walked into the dressing room and there was Angus at one end playing his guitar and the amps at the other. No cords were connecting ’em! It was amazing to see. And Angus had this ‘Cheshire Cat’ grin all over his face and evil thoughts seemed to be going through his brain as to what havoc he could wreak with this evil little invention”….
Angus eagerly stated in an interview in 1977, “When we get back to Europe the first stop is gonna be London… No one will know what’s hit ’em!”



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