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26 Jan Current State Of The Schaffer Replica Development – Gold Tag Version – Part IV

Dear members,
Just a small update on our progress on the TSR Replica build/production: Pedal version
  • The work on the TSR pedal version started, all layouts and schematics were done.
  • Parts and PCBs for three TSR pedal prototypes are ordered.
  • We expect the first three TSR pedal prototypes to be ready for testing at mid February.
  • Of course Fil will demo the TSR pedal prototypes.
  • One of the TSR pedal prototypes will go to the case builder as manufacturing sample.
  • The pedal will be housed in a standard 100mm x 100mmm black Aluminium cast pedal case.
Gold Tag version
  • We mentioned a problem with the Gold Tag TSR which is solved now: the case is a bit too small to put the PCB at the bottom, so we had to rearrange it to the left side and change a few things.
  • Also here we ordered a few prototype PCBs and parts to build a fully functional pre-production prototype.
  • This pre-production prototype will also be ready by mid February and will also go to the case builder company as manufacturing sample.
We will update you with a few photos as soon as possible. Update as per 29th January 2013: First photos of the Gold Tag case available, please see below. No marking yet. We will update you with more photos during the progress. Have fun! Your SoloDallas Team dsc08735-small
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