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21 Jun Summer Goodies – Angus’ & Malcolm’s Own Guitars To Mr. Fairbairn (Played On “The Razor’s Edge”)

Our Own Friend (yes he is, and we're also working together now) Mr. Billy Rowe, owner of www.rocknrollrelics.net (one of the greatest makers of guitars right now - some are owned by some real rockers) had sent me these images of his buddy Mr. Mitch Merrett ( www.mitchmerrett.com ,  https://www.facebook.com/robert.merrett1 ) while holding the following. These very guitars are now sitting in Mr. Fairbairn studio in Canada.  
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17 Jun That Perfect Couple – A Schaffer Replica Pedal & A Rock ‘n’ Roll Relics “Angus” Model (by Billy Rowe)

So, after long months of silence (sorry!) I got to do two videos in a row. And I would do far more if I had the time. Hopefully later. But I really - we really - wanted to get this out. Great guitar, this Rock 'n' Roll Relics. Why, you ask? With all the vintage ones you have... here's the answer. I don't like new, usually. New sounds like new. Plasticky, especially in the case of Gibson co. There are exceptions of course. Plus... expensive, especially if you go custom shop. Well with Billy Rowe is not really the case. He gives you a guitar like the one you want, the way you want it. And it won't neither look nor sound like it is new. It does feel and sound like vintage. Can't take my eyes off it either... nice to have in my hands and play some. Plays great. Not even plek'd! Just like it came to me from Billy, but set up by me (I like it super low action, just like I think Angus does and always did).  
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