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05 Feb The Story of Badfinger

This is somewhat an extension of my preview post about the music industry. Badfinger was a band from the late 60s and early 70s that wrote many worldwide hits and were bound to become one of the great bands of that era. Unfortunately, instead of fame and fortune, tragedy and misery is all they got in return. Even though their records were selling remarkably, they couldn't even afford a TV or a fridge for their house. Stan Polley, a business man, was taking care of their finances and told the band they would be living on fixed salaries until later, and that they would be millionaires. Things really started to go downhill in 1974, when missing money from the band's account led Warner Bros. to stop the distribution of their albums. They were sued by the recording company and couldn't move forward because of contracts with Stan Polley, who couldn't be contacted by any means. All this led to the suicide of two band members: Pete Ham and Tom Evans. Watch the documentaries for more details. The following videos explain the story a little better.
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05 Feb Today’s Music Industry Sucks – Does it Really?

It is a recurring thing those days to complain about the state of the music industry. They don't make music like the old days; so many talented musicians will never be famous because the industry only sells auto-tuned crap, and that sort of thing. You know, I used to believe that too, but not anymore. There is some truth to all this though, but the fact is that the music industry has always been awful. It's all about the money - it is like this today and it was like that back then. Don't get fooled.
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