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21 May Another Little mystery unveiled by Angus Young in person (with help by Ken Schaffer, Then and Now)

Well, this surely isn't a scoop... but I had forgotten to tell you about it. While we (Ken Schaffer and I) were in Vancouver, at the Warehouse Studio meeting Angus Young to deliver The Schaffer Replica S/N001 to him personally, several subjects were touched. It was then that - among other things - Angus told us about a little thing that used to be a mystery for some time to many (me included). If you observe this picture, [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Angus Young, Glasgow 1978, Recording "If you Want Blood (You've Got It), Live. What's the mysterious object on the strap?[/caption] you will certainly notice the mysterious item on the strap.
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