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16 Sep Introducing Metro Amps

Update as of Sep 16th 2010: George has provided internals images of my amp directly from his archive. If you wanted to peek into it, you're served! http://plexireplicas.com/amplifier-archives/Misc/5007/ A few months ago, I started researching for another Amplifier Head. Reason was, I wanted to go even higher in quality and a sort of back to my vintage Marshall Heads. But didn't want to go into vintage again
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14 Sep The Metro Session: Technical specifications and some pictures

So, I'm launching today - as promised - my first test (I was testing myself, not the amp :lol: ) with this Metro (George Metropoulos Amplification). We recorded - my ex-sound Engineer - Chris - and I - in the same place where I had recorded the AC/DC tone video. Three microphones were used, a condenser Neumann U87 and two dynamic Shure SM57s, one on the front of the cab and one in the back (to capture more bass and the reverb of the room).
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