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07 Oct The “view” on MoJo from well known Luthier Roman Rist

Who is Roman Rist? If you don't know, I'll tell you. Roman Rist is an US luthier that has seen it all for a long time. He's been involved in tons of projects over the years relating to "wood", good wood, vintage wood, old growth wood, 1959 Les Paul guitars, "Max" Guitars and a lot more. I dare call him a "friend" although we have never met in person. But he's one of those folks who you just feel attracted to because of his simple ways, wisdom, gray hair, modesty and hard work. On the My Les Paul Forum - while browsing my daily dose - I came to this post of his, where he was humbly mentioning his view on "Mojo" (i.e., not properly defined as "the feeling a guitar has"):
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06 Oct Tone Tips And Tricks For The Marshall Super Lead (By David Szabados)

While I have NO idea who in the world David Szabados is, reading this was useful and made sense. Many things I knew already, others I didn't. The more info the better, agreed? Tone Tips And Tricks For The Marshall Super Lead David Szabados The following tips and tricks will enable you to get much more versatility out of the Super Lead. Some of these may even surprise you. One thing to note – NONE of these involve modification to the original Marshall circuit. Those looking for the true “Marshall” sound only need use an original, unmodified Super Lead. Channel Switching and Linking
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06 Oct Marshall JMP 100 MkII Master Lead & Vintage 1960A G12M Greenbacks Test(s)

Update: 'nother little test. Made mistakes in microphone levels, it's distorting oh well. Samson C01 still... no pro mic arrived yet. If you listen, now you'll understand why I'm buying and what my secrets projects involve (records? Backing tracks? Tutorials and performances with this stuff? Answer is... yes to all of the above :P ) UPDATE: a little thing, a little "vintage" sound test. Does it sound... "vintage AC/DC" to you, too? :P
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05 Oct 1976 Marshall JMP “1959″ Super Lead Mk II, 100 W

So, it says Angus loved these right? Those damned 100 watters, no Master Volume. Right. It says he "only" wanted those, he only liked those, he only blah blah blah. Okay. Found. Incoming (you know, once you know the record of your life has it on it, I'm not going to save on things. These will be more and more vintage - and expensive - as time goes by. As the word spreads that Back in Black was made with these - and not BiB only! As Back in Black prepares to be Album number ONE in history for sales, of any genre). A Super Gentleman - probably Scottish? - had one for sale, but not on eBay. NO mods whatsoever.Better - way better, money wise - deal than each one of the previous two (one still incoming, the 50 watters MV is at the customs, I'm told). Condition wise it's excellent as you can tell. All of the three recently purchased look more or less this good. I'm not one who cares for exterior condition, but on amps, it is a good sign of them having been treated well. And amps NEED to work well.
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