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16 Oct Steve Armond’s take on Back in Black (from his book, Rock and Roll will save your life)

Interesting excerpt from Steve Armond's book:
Consider the famous chord progression that Angus Young plays at the beginning of “Back in Black.” A good writer could tell us about those grinding, seismic chords, the distinct rhythm of their deployment, even that sly, arpeggiated little five-note lick that acts as a segue from one volley to the next. But those are just pale approximations of what it feels like to hear that intro, the squirt of sinister glee that makes most people – even decent religious folk – reach for their air guitar.
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15 Oct Which features would THIS community like to have? Update

Update as of Oct. the 15th 2010 So, we tried to implement a few new things and "improve" a few other things that were already there. How do you like it (if you can actually spot the differences)? • PMs: (not Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) You now have Private Messages to write anyone on here. Just go to your profile page (HOW: if you are browsing, please go bottom of the page, right: Site Admin; if instead you just logged in, you will find it on the top right) and on the top, right side you should see "Messages". The rest should be rather intuitive. EDIT please note: to say that these PMs work in an "advanced" state is like saying that Tiger Woods was a good husband. The PM system lacks many things still; won't quote your original PM in the answerer's reply; Will forget the recipient address when you are replying to a PM (LOL: you'll have to re-type it; luckily, the recipient field is connected with the members database and will search for the members' names). So PLEASE be patient. This is PM release v 1.2
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10 Oct Phil Rudd’s Interview

Definitely worth a read. Talks about the "philosophy" (again) of AC/DC but to me, more profoundly, of the whole essence of rock and roll. Phil Rudd - The Cyber Drum interview   Phil Rudd Cyber Drum Interview (www.cyberdrum.com) Phil Rudd AC/DC Warner Brothers Recording Artists Molson Center August 15, 2000 Interview by Steven Scott Fyfe Rock and roll ain't noise pollution and AC/DC is definitely back. Don't count these guys out just yet because their latest album Stiff Upper Lip, is in fact an indication that this Aussie quintet still knows not only how to write good rock music, but again have applied their signature expertise as only they know how.
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