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22 Oct Finding my ultimate AC/DC Amp – the Marshall JMP

Hello Guys, this is my first article here on solodallas.com.  As I'm rather a beginner when it comes to guitars and amps, this will be an article from a beginners view. Maybe this article can help other beginners finding the right amplifier they are looking for and why its better to buy a used JMP instead of a new Amplifier if you want the "Back in Black tone". And maybe the pro's can add something helpful in the comments. Always being a big AC/DC fan, I dreamed of playing guitar (and sounding) like Angus for a long time. Earlier this year I finally bought a Gibson SG standard and started to learn. Had an Epiphone SG before, but it was rather uncomfortable to play, so this one wasn't played much.  Amp was a Marshall MG 15 CDR 15 Watt Combo, a solid state amp with a FDD circuit which simulates tube sound.
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20 Oct 1973 1960B G12H30s And Some Boogie

Update: Adding Simone's song backing track: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update: adding another little thing I did for the wife's birthday (next sunday). Used the '50s Les Paul for all of it, and the Gibson "Dusk Tiger" for the acustic parts (piezo only). I remember many times people asking me what were my originals like. This is what I have in mind usually.
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19 Oct Playing with self-made backing track – Updated

Little update as of Oct. the 19th 2010. I am always experimenting as soon as I have a minute available, so I tried what follows. Now, one thing that also intrigues me immensely is "Powerage" and LTBR tone. Both of them. So I replayed rhythm and re-soloed this track trying to capture a bit of that spirit, although re-listening to this it sounds more Flick of the Switch-ish probably. Don't know, can't say. The delay I put on the solo guitar was meant to be more LTBR-ish. Now, the interesting - maybe - thing is the fact that I think Angus on LTBR was "overloading" the input channel of his amplifier somehow. NOT with a distortion pedal, but more with pure "volume boost", so basically a unit of some sort (might be already the Schaffer-Vega Diversity Systtem, that had a "boost" feature on the unit that would in fact "volume boost" the input signal). Might have been anything. So what I did, is to use a pedal I have (and will show to you) that has "volume boost" only, NO gain! No dirt here: just volume. It's the same as the famous "Klon" pedal, which I also have and tried prior to this other one. But this one is a little more "colored" and I liked it more. I used the lower input of my 2203 (the 100 watt Master Volume Lead) and blasted the volume of the pedal to overload the Marshall input signal. This is the result, both on the rhythm guitars and the solo.
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16 Oct 1976 Marshall Super Lead MkII & Back in Black – Update

Update of Saturday the 16th. Brought the treble side of the Rhythm part down a tad. Replayed both solos, re-positioning the microphone, still only one microphone (I lack the second damn XLR jack, would you believe it? and I was too hectic trying the solos again). Changed the equalizer settings for the solos slightly, see both new equalization settings. Also, "bounced" Angus' parts without the master track (i.e., you now can listen to me alone, rhythm and solos, no song). Back in Black with the new settings, solos: In order to get the amount of drive I needed (and that is heard on the record) I kept the loudness way down by using an attenuator, settings here were... all at 10! LOL. Except for presence that was still 0. All the rest, for the solos here, 10. Parts ONLY (no original song): New equalization settings:
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