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THE FIVE FACTORS WHICH CREATE THE ‘1959 BURST’ SOUND "Various factors all came together in 1959 to produce what I, and many others, consider to be the ultimate electric guitar, the 1959 Burst. I have spent 38 years studying genuine 1950’s Bursts and reproducing their sound. I have found that there are five main factors responsible for creating the 1959 Burst sound" THE WOOD
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10 Nov AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” New Series

Well, with the arrival of the Aracom PRX150 DAG (Power Attenuator) I can finally reach new heights. Why? Because this is a REAL attenuator, like I've never owned before (review coming soon). This attenuator - a passive one - lets me crank properly any amplifier power section - included the ones of MVs amps, such a 2203 or a 2204, as in the case with this video - and obtain finally proper sound. I know, I seem a bit too revolutionary, but please listen for yourself.
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08 Nov Is the original worth its money? Epiphone vs. Gibson comparison

Hello Guys, welcome to my second posting here. As I'm still a beginner, this will be again a posting from a beginners point of view, this time about guitars. Cheaper Epihone Guitar versus original Gibson, things to look for, mistakes I did. Maybe other beginners can benefit of this. After watching Fils Back in Black tutorial on youtube , I thought myself "Ok, you're dreaming of playing AC/DC riffs for so long, so why you just don't go out, buy a guitar and start learning this?".
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