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14 Nov Meet “The Knack”

Well, "The Knack" are another one of my favorite bands. Weird, no? (no). They lived shortly in the sense that, only one record is really worth listening. But THAT record is amazing. I know, I sound exaggerated. I apologize. The thing is, that on that FIRST record ("The Knack") they were brilliant. They were fresh, happy. Truly happy. They were an US band formed in LA (see here for more info). Original drummer and original singer are both dead, singer having died last year on a motorbike accident (Rest In Peace, Doug). What I'll be featuring here is exclusively first album videos. Notice the energy, TIMING and band feel. All those components were soon to be lost in just a matter of one or two years. Talk about a badly managed band. I remember when in 1979 - I was already in love with AC/DC - the hit single "My Sharona" came out. I remember that summer clearly. As soon as I heard the song, I asked my mom (I was 9 years old) to buy me the tape. I put that tape on everyday all day for the whole summer. The summer of '79. I was dancing to it like a crazy (that I still am). I also recall clearly that we went to Sardinia that year (known Italian big and gorgeous island) and it was my first chance to go to the disco. No one was dancing to that song, so I jumped on the disco stage and danced the whole song by myself. I was literally jumping. Must have been the best "9 years old nerd" show ever seen. Get some. Meet "The Knack". [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc3KXwd8ZWQ[/youtube]
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