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26 Nov An Aracom Attenuator and a Few Vintage Marshalls (Complete)

So... been meaning to shoot something like this for some time, here you have it. It's a long journey into what an attenuator can do for you, with powerful, loud tube amps (ONLY tube amps can be attenuated with an attenuator such as the Aracom). Total of 6 videos, all being processed right now, here's the one. Thanks for viewing, yours, Fil :)
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26 Nov Review: Guitar Toolkit app for iPhone/iPad

There are countless apps for iPhone/iPad platforms, many geared towards guitar players, so it is sometimes hard to figure out which ones are worth it. I've tried a few, and the one that has been proven consistently useful is Guitar toolkit, so I thought it'd be helpful to share a very brief review with others here.
This app provides the following features:
  • A chromatc tuner
  • A metronome, with various tick sounds and optional light flash synchronized with up/down beats
  • An extensive library of chords, showing suggested fingering positions on a virtual fretboard that allows you to hear how the chord sounds
  • An extensive library of scales, also laid out on the virtual fretboard
  • A "chord finder" feature, where you select notes on the virtual fretboard and it tells you which chord the notes make
  • Configurable tuning modes (EADGBE, drop D, CGCGCD, and many others): chords and scales automatically update with respect to tuning settings
  • Configurable base pitch for the chromatic tuner: choose a pitch for A from the default 440Hz to many other lower/higher frequencies in steps of 0.5 Hz
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