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12 Mar SoloDallas Lab “Revamped”

Update: re-updated the situation here. Finally, my old (super old!) 1969 (date) 1960A with original and great sounding 25W GreenBack Celestions G12M (pre Rola) has been completely restored. [singlepic id=437 w=1024 h=768 float=] I am putting it on top of the 1971 1960B with G12H30. Little room will remain on top of these for multiple heads, and that breaks my heart lol. However, these cabinets are all one needs to re-create the most addictive AC/DC (and classic rock) eras. They do sound slightly different. Now I am beginning to believe that Back in Black - for example - was played with G12Ms and not G12H30s. However, it may be quite possible that combinations of those were used in different songs/albums. To help you refresh your memory, this cabinet had been played - for example - in the whole Metro session:
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