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17 Mar My “SECRET-1” Tone Demo/Review

As my confidence with recording audio and video grows - given all the new technology I have been employing - my hunger for video production grows. Which I hope is going to be good for us. What interests me much is continuous comparison, A/B among guitars, amplifiers, cabinets, recording techniques and much more. It's really interesting and I do it a lot on my own. I'd like though to start publishing more of what I do on my own. So here is a demo of the boost pedal I like the most, among all the ones I tried so far (Klon, MXR 10 bands, Ibanez original 1980s Tubescreamer. RAT and some others). I am waiting on some other ones coming to me, such as the "box of rock" and two different boosts, a mid boost and a treble boost. Besides all this, you also know that I'm working on the Vega units. So a lot is to come, hopefully. However, this pedal here is what really flicked the switch in my mind about 10 days ago, when I started to massively test Marshall-Tube-Amps-Input-Channel-Boosting for AC/DC "things". Please note: this video is circa 25 minutes long. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
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16 Mar Let There Be VEGAs: the Quest formally begins.

So, here they are to us (these three later Cetec-Vega Diversity units). "Us", I would say, as I hope you'll follow this one closely with me, as you have always. These wireless, Cetec-Vega Diversity units here were intended mostly for microphone transmission (levalier), not guitar.  In order to try and match what I think is closer to the original Schaffer-Vega Diversity Units (which is the core of this project), they will have to be modified (mainly and hopefully, the input jack type - see pictures - and a few components on the transmitter only). They have arrived just now, three complete units (One receiver and one transmitter per complete system). In short, the following are my facts and hypothesis (both of which took me years to put together) from which I am officially starting my quest:
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