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24 Mar SoloDallas’ “Back In Rack” (lol) With Avid’s Eleven Rack™

Well, you haven't seen me for two days, have you? Certainly you couldn't care less, I know, and you're right :) But I was working on this "tune", if we can call it so (and I don't know). Thing is, that last sunday Avid's Mr. Chris Townsend had gotten in touch with me regarding my use of Eleven Rack. He had seen a couple of my videos (maybe less) and he said he liked them. So he said that they would give me a beta version in advance to the General Availability for the public of the latest update for the Eleven Rack (it's a pay-for update and they gave me a perfectly working beta for free!). Eleven Rack is a splendid piece of Hardware and Software - a modeler, they call it - that emulates the whole signal path from guitar to "tape" (hard disk), that is, amplifier, effects, cabinets, microphones and many super cool other functions. We had talked about it a bit when I was using it so much last summer. Mr. Townsend and his Team just released a much awaited update to the software (firmware) of the machine, that allows for even more things than before, with new amps, effects and... speaker breakup.
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