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28 Mar Back In Black Tone Project Update (“Critical” info inside, from Mr. Townsend at Avid)

Due to the incredible availability and kindness of Mr. Chris Townsend at Avid - I would like to remind you that Mr. Townsend is Lead Guitar Products Architect at Avid, and he is responsible for all algorythms for FXs and amplfier modeling inside both the Eleven Plug in for Pro Tools AND the Eleven Rack - I have been exchanging emails - feverishly from my side of the ocean lol - talking about my experimentation to debunk, dissect and reproduce faithfully Mr. Angus Young's guitar sound on the whole Back in Black album. As this is my personal life-dream (guitar wise), this is all very meaningful to me; so I will take a chance to thank again Mr. Townsend for all of this (thank you, Chris!). Here is his take on the compression side of the Schaffer Vega:
Chris Townsend wrote: Hi Fil, I definitely agree that there was some sort compression
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