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04 May Where is Fil?

Legit question. I disappeared. Not that you should care, but if you wondered... sick children and... Back in Black.   I've been stuck into re-playing/re-recording Back in Black. It's my obsession, but it is also more rational than simply being something I do for me: I did say it back then, and I'll say it now more than ever: I want to nail every main AC/DC record tone down to the bone as much as possible and document it, step by step, with video, pictures (microphone positions by the inch; settings of any kind, ... ) and text. This I feel is a mission I love to be in and also, in modern times, something that there is need of even for the future (documenting the classics). It's been days that I wanted to nail the tone 100%. Not simply "close" "yeah... almost there..." but really 100% (well, 99% will do). I want to do one last try. I tried almost every possible combination of what I have here (in terms of, mics, position, loudness, settings, ... ). I know, the room, the mics, the outboard (console, preamps, ... ). A lot of things I still don't have (and will likely never have). But. Bought a new soundcard, better than before (better mic pre's), it's a FireFace fourhundred:
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