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14 Jun Flick Of The Switch – Gear Uncovered

INTRODUCTION Hi again, long time to post something but I feel that it is the right period.. Until now in general terms or maybe in very specific terms we discovered bits and pieces of how to get close of AC/DC sound. We know the guitars and amps, almost the cabinets. This period the most of us keep searching about what is the spice in Angus sound and specifically about the wireless that he used.. After a lot of thinking  I realised that I have to go back to all my previous searches and spent time to discover any small details that I can find.. I have to tell you that my favourite albums tonewise are Powerage, Flick of the Switch and Back In BLack. From these three the easier to copy tonewise is Powerage. The most dificult to copy is Back In Black.. Too polished sound because of the EQuing..  So this is not for the average bedroom players.. It needs the right gear and extensive knowledge of mic placements and Equing. So what is it all about FOTS sound?? For my ears is a raw version of BNB.  After reading some books I found out that FOTS was recorded at Bahamas just like BNB.. The production in FOTS was made by Angus and Malcolm and their aim was to produce a raw in your face sound..
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