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15 Sep Playing “Clean” An Original Schaffer Vega Diversity at Borghesani’s/Cloe Guitars

It's a little, foolish video we did the other day at the Lab. I had heard suddenly  Daniel's (the singer)  voice (he was silently and diligently working to some amp internals and at some point he went "Oh Ba-by!") and I thought to myself "Woah there. Good singer". So I asked him to do a little blues jingle for 2 minutes. I took the chance to play my Schaffer Vega with it. Guitar is latest Luca's (Cloe Guitars) 1959 Replica done to exacting specs. Great guitar. Enjoy?   Fil ;)

IMG 0576 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

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14 Sep The Sound Of The Schaffer Vega Diversity (Back in Black)

I know... I know! But you knew that I can't get enough of it. It's my passion, my torment, my obsession. And the most sold album worldwide, as well. Well., let me update you a bit about what has been going on behind the curtains recently. I knew - directly from Mr. Schaffer - that the "Angus Young" era of the Schaffer Vega came with a Receiver AND a specific type of transmitter. It was the X10 - naturally - but a specific type of X10. It had (has) a black knob instead of the flat screw of the later models. I really wanted THAT X10 (because I knew that that would give me the sound I was looking for). [singlepic id=524 w=1024 h=768 float=none] X10s with Black Knob
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