Author: AngusRudd1019

28 Aug My Gear, Story and Sample Sound Test (Sin City)

Hello Solodallas.net Community, my name is Corey and you all probably  know me for jamming with my dad but since Banane and Fil are allowing members to post topics, I decided to do one.


To start off, I’m just going to give you guys a quick summary of how my music career started.I started playing music in 6th grade about 5 years ago (I’m one of the younger members here currently 16 in 11th grade), and I started on the bass. I was young and stupid at the time and thought the bass was stupid, so I quit that and decided to learn the drums. I played the drums for about a year and in the middle of 7th grade I discovered the power of AC/DC… Watching Angus Young as a 12 year old kid blew me away. I discovered AC/DC via the Live at Donnington album and I thought it was the best music known to mankind. Know as I was saying, watching Angus gave me a HUGE desire to (more…)

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