Author: SoloDallas

18 Aug Why do I do it?

One note I feel I have to add, and right now I feel it could finally be the right time, is “why I do it”. I have been asked that a few times, plus I now feel I developed my own philosophy for it.
I have been called an “Angus Clone” many times. A poser, Angus’ lost brother, etc. (more…)

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17 Aug Studio58a: Where It All Began.

Yep, it was the name of my pro recording studio.

Well, where it all began for me, naturally. Even though, it is not correct either. Prior to making the studio, I had been a guitar player for twenty or more years, had been in bands, played live, etc.

Where this adventure – I might say – has begun for me.

Have some pictures first.

Entrance (see the stairs on your right; the place was below street level, basically, a basement I had converted into studio). Then, my “guitar wall”. Some of those guitars are long gone. Nope, don’t miss any of those. The ones I kept are the ones I wanted. On your left, corridor to control room and recording room. (more…)

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