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27 Aug AC/DC Tone: a continuos search. Part 1, Eleven Rack attempts

UPDATE: I changed a lot on this patch, after listening to it I think it sucked majorly. Lack of higher frequencies and not enough “middle crunch”.

Here it is to you again with a few changes. The equalization curve is VERY important, even for YOUR setup!

Please listen to the clip.

Yes I know, all of us are striving to achieve AC/DC tone or for that matter, classic rock tone.

Therefore, please give it a listen before you continue reading (soundpatch version 2.0):

Angus Tone on Back in Black from SoloDallas – Attempt

Since this is an extremely long subject that I intend to treat as in depth as humanly possible (many, many considerations are needed here) I will just narrow the matter here and just talk about my current settings on the Eleven Rack (a piece of hardware built into a rack shape by Digidesign – Avid Digital – that “models” guitar recording) to achieve decent AC/DC (Angus’, but it could apply to Malcolm’s as well) tone. (more…)

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26 Aug 1952/53 Les Paul Goldtop

[singlepic id=282 w=1024 h=768 float=]

This was my first ever 1950s Les Paul. I bought this one circa 20 years ago in Florida, at the “Guitar Broker“. I was there because at that time I was engaged to a young Floridian (Miami) model (yes, I had good times ). So every now and then, I visited guitar shops in the area.

The price was ridiculous (I forget really, but it was cheap: there wasn’t a hunger for older ’50s bodies at the time, or less so than today anyway) and I’d already found out that ’50s wood was something special.

This is what basically started my quest for ’50s tone – for Les Pauls anyway – and this guitar was my main instrument for several years to follow. For the most part I played it live, though not in the shape you see it here. This one had already been (poorly) converted into a “burst”, with humbucker pickups and a sunburst finish. The finish had been very poorly applied, as had also most of the features of the guitar. (more…)

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