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08 Sep Some rational facts about String Gauges

The following article was first published on Strung Out? Fret Not! and has been reproduced here by kind permission of the original author.

Tonal Considerations

Subjectively, higher string gauges will result in a “thicker”, “fatter” or “louder” tone, while lighter string gauges will result in a “thinner”, “brittle” or “weak” tone. While there is much truth in those statements, overall there are other, more important factors that affect tone than string gauge alone. Very discerning/experienced guitarists choose different string gauges for different amps and guitars as it is usually the interaction of all components in the set-up that results in their tone. (more…)

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05 Sep Issue Guitars, Project Guitars

Surprisingly – and proudly – I am seeing more and more people coming to me asking about issue “project” guitars.

This is naturally something I didn’t invent, it’s been there for ages: people buying old battered stuff and putting it together in the shape of a splendidly fixed, even modified, reinvented working guitar.

The core point of the matter is the belief that buying older battered wood “cheaply” (or even cheaper than an original, “mint” condition similar/identical model would cost), will allow us to have the guitar of our dreams. I think this is fairly true, although there may be some “caveats” (i.e., “be careful!) to keep in mind. Will get there.

I’m taking this chance because of a guitar I got yesterday morning (I think I bought 5 or 6 guitars this last August). (more…)

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31 Aug Recording “Back in Black” (the album): Interview(s) with Tony Platt

I’m seeing links disappear therefore for now, I’m posting “raw”, unfiltered and unprocessed (by me) data on the subject.

I’m posting the whole text here, then will provide the link(s) but not sure they exist all (i.e., clickbale).

I feel all of this information – already widely available on the net – has to be saved and stored for us. Recent re-reading of all of this on my behalf has brought me to new findings, namely, Tony Platt’s signal path for the Young brothers guitars on the Back in Black Album (guitars – Angus with a Schaffer-Vega Diversity System in lieu of a normal cable: it DID affect TONE!- , amps, mics, EQUALIZER and tape!) and his philosophy of recording those albums back then.

It’s a whole lotta reading, but I think you may be pleased.

Let’s start with a video interview to make it more pleasant (video courtesy of member Kirk2000: thanks Kirk!):

From: http://www.recordproduction.com/tony-platt-bigvid.html


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