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26 Jun AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” From Live Album “If You Want Blood”, 1978

Now, whether you know it or not, this is a controversial one. In the sense that, some folks believe this version was not at all recorded during the actual live show held somewhere in 1978 in Glasgow (and several dates at that); rather, they think it may be just an alternate version from some takes made in the studio at the time of recording studio album “Let There Be Rock”.  

Whether or not you believe this to be true  – I am personally in (more…)

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31 May AC/DC’s “Down Payment Blues” (Powerage, Studio)

While we already knew that the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System had been used on Powerage (first studio album where it got used, actually), speaking with Angus the other day (yeah, right) gave me additional gas to go and play Powerage stuff. Here to you. First Powerage Video of the Schaffer Replica series, and also a song I had never covered on video previously. Great song, naturally (like most of this era if you ask me).  Better get it right, right?

Just as a reminder of my theory (that finds recount on the “AC/DC in the Studio” book), this album was entirely played – by Angus (more…)

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21 May Another Little mystery unveiled by Angus Young in person (with help by Ken Schaffer, Then and Now)

Well, this surely isn’t a scoop… but I had forgotten to tell you about it.

While we (Ken Schaffer and I) were in Vancouver, at the Warehouse Studio meeting Angus Young to deliver The Schaffer Replica S/N001 to him personally, several subjects were touched.

It was then that – among other things – Angus told us about a little thing that used to be a mystery for some time to many (me included).

If you observe this picture,

Angus Young, Glasgow 1978, Recording “If you Want Blood (You’ve Got It), Live. What’s the mysterious object on the strap?

you will certainly notice the mysterious item on the strap. (more…)

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16 May Full Circle: SoloDallas Meeting Angus Young. Part Two.

Of course, both Ken & I gave in to Ellen’s second request that we join them all in feasting – happily so. The meal would have also given me an excuse for my silence – shock, more than silence – keeping my mouth full (though politely) could have calmed me down, I thought. And it worked. It just worked. The meal was delicious, which I am sure helped me quite a bit. Dinner was a healthy Asian recipe cooked by Ellen in a wok, containing rice, chicken and vegetables. Lightly on the spicy side (ask Ken about it).  Eating “family style” was a relaxing sign for us all.

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