Author: SoloDallas

25 Sep 2000 Gibson Les Paul R9

This is a Les Paul reissue (an R9, meaning it is a reissue of a 1959 Gibson Les Paul) made in 2000. I had bought this one new from Mark’s Guitar Loft, a trusted and known place where I occasionally buy new or used Gibson guitars. I trust Mark to the point of buying with eyes closed basing myself on Mark’s description and images of the guitar. Mark never steered me. (more…)

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23 Sep So, “Luna” (Moon) comes to the world

Been pretty silent these last days, but now I can tell you why. Not that you should care by the smallest bit: I always tend to be silent about inner family matters, but this can be a “light” subject, too.

She came to light “at home”, yes, we chose the older (but with “new” awareness) style of giving birth: in the water, at home.

We already love her so much. I chose to be there too, and I cut personally the “live wire” (forget if it’s called that way in English?) and she is as healthy as can be.

Let us introduce to you our second child, Luna.


Fil 🙂

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18 Sep The Metro Session: Marshall 1987XL Bray-Modded and “The Husk”

Intermission: Marshall playing now.

More on this guitar: “The Husk

Note: should anyone being interested in why during playing I’ll go the amp and change a setting, reason was, I had left presence to 10. I put it back to 0 and reverted playing. Later on, I’ll go back to the amp and re-set presence at 10 for woman tone.

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