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27 Sep Angus Young’s Marshall Amplifier(s) & the “Back in Black Tone Project”

Update of Mon, Oct the 4th: our own headwhop26 has posted info from a reliable source stating the following:

Angus has frequently recalled the use of a 100-watt late-60s Marshall JMP100 Super Lead amp with EL34 output tubes in the early days of the band, while Malcolm often played through a slightly earlier JTM100 Super Amp with KT66 output tubes, a late-’60s Super Bass with EL34 tubes, or a 100-watt Plexi Super Lead much like his brother’s”

“Angus also often records through the 100-watters, he has been known to use any of a range of several JTM45s. a JTM50, and a later JMP50 in the studio (the former with KT66s , the latter two with EL34s)”

“Angus has also taken to replicating his recorded lead tone live with a JTM45, which is sometimes miked through an isolation cab under the stage. (more…)

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25 Sep 2009 Gibson “Dusk Tiger”

What. Sorry? Didn’t hear you well. What is it? You think it’s horrible looking? I hear you. I know. Most of the interwebz find this item horrible looking. But don’t mind me, I’m a freak of nature: I LOVE how it looks. And how it feels. And how it plays.

I think contemporary Gibson production is doing really good things. There, I said it. Kill me now.

Jokes apart, this guitar is really unique. “Only” 1000 were made, and this is number xxxxxx. (more…)

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25 Sep 1969 Gibson SG Standard #3

It seems like I am “amassing” 1969 SGs, but I am really not. I am just choosing some characteristics. This one is in fairly good condition, but the reason that pushed me was the neck heel. For the most part, this guitar has 1968 specs (see pics below), which makes it different and maybe a little more desirable to me (because of how I am getting used to the ’66. ’67 and ’68s neck profiles and low action). (more…)

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