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05 Oct 1976 Marshall JMP “1959″ Super Lead Mk II, 100 W

So, it says Angus loved these right? Those damned 100 watters, no Master Volume. Right. It says he “only” wanted those, he only liked those, he only blah blah blah.

Okay. Found. Incoming (you know, once you know the record of your life has it on it, I’m not going to save on things. These will be more and more vintage – and expensive – as time goes by. As the word spreads that Back in Black was made with these – and not BiB only! As Back in Black prepares to be Album number ONE in history for sales, of any genre).

A Super Gentleman – probably Scottish? – had one for sale, but not on eBay. NO mods whatsoever.Better – way better, money wise – deal than each one of the previous two (one still incoming, the 50 watters MV is at the customs, I’m told). Condition wise it’s excellent as you can tell. All of the three recently purchased look more or less this good. I’m not one who cares for exterior condition, but on amps, it is a good sign of them having been treated well. And amps NEED to work well. (more…)

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04 Oct Nice BBKing Gary Moore Blues Playing

I am not a fan of Gary Moore for the reason that I’ve seen him overdo things. I clearly remember for example, another session – a live one – with BBKing where he completely took the scene for himself overshadowing BBKing. Man, did I feel embarrassed. That was not in the spirit of music, and less so in the spirit of the “Blues”.

So when I saw this one, I had to change my mind. He does know – he did – how to welcome a host. Nice exchange of guitar lines.

I gladly post it here, as it’s another healthy clip that might make you smile.


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04 Oct All I had hoped and more, from you – the registered users at SoloDallas.net

Yep. I haven’t told you enough how it is important for me that our little community is so strong. Well I feel it as a strong one.

There’s a lot of talk about communitues here and there, social networks and all. And too often, it all comes down to daily gossip. Don’t it?

Not here, not at SoloDallas.net, no. Because here we talk about one or more things we all have in common. No, it’s not the gear, not alone, there’s more, it goes beyond it.

The gear is “instrumental” (nice use of words Fil), it can get us there in paradise. I am re-discovering that feeling I had had many years ago, when I started learning about timing. That brought me in a whole, different dimension musically. But now I needed that tone, because that music is as such because there is also that tone. Which tone (you point at me, wondering)?

This one, that one, on those records, right there.

– But Fil, “tone is in the hands”. (more…)

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02 Oct Angus Young’s Cabinets and Speakers

(please note: this post is a follow up on previous Marshall JMP 100).

Update as of Mon, Oct the 4th: our friend headwhop26 posted info from a reliable source stating the following:

The Youngs’ Marshall 4×12 cabinets have feature a range of Celestion speakers. Early on they were loaded with original G12M Greenbacks, or very often, the firmer, bolder, more efficient G12H-30s. Throughout the ’90s, the brother tended to use Celestions more contemporary Vintage 30 speaker, first in evidence on the 2000 album Stiff Upper Lip, although both have often returned to reissues of the G12H-30 and the Greenback in more recent years.

Update as of Sat Oct the 2nd: I have played more with the non slanted cabinet with the vintage 30s in, and – on closer listening and rather more in depth experimentation (volume at multiple levels, low and high pre-amp values, every possible turn of presence/bass/mid/treble) I have to say I am unimpressed (Back in Black wise!) with it. (more…)

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01 Oct Dickie Betts’ (Allman Brothers’) “Jessica” Video Lesson

We are classic rock oriented folks right? Right. So we enjoy these (right, Fil).

More so, this video is inspiring and rewarding for a specific reason: Dickie Betts’ moves. I could connect with him immediately.

As he plays, he moves across, sideways, everywhere. Watch him.

Watch him strive for timing and touch.
That is a necessity for good players. You start feeling it inside.


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30 Sep Angus Young’s FIRST Gibson SG

Update as of 30th of Sept. 2010

Our own headwhop26 (thank you!), has informed me that there is a brief “article” summarizing some characteristics of Angus and Malcolm’s main guitars.

I would say it confirms what we at SoloDallas.net had dared to imagine (and uncover) but still something is not convincing. I will get back to it later.

The article is by Bonfire (Bill), a famous AC/DC fan, cover hero and now webmaster at acdc.com (and also a member here at solodallas.com!):

Here it is to you: (more…)

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30 Sep God’s Gift to Rock: A Late ’70s Marshall JMP 100 Watt

(please note: this post is a follow up from a previous research: Angus Young’s Marshall Amplifier(s) & the “Back in Black Tone Project” )

EDITED: Members ROCKER and Sgace have helped me determine that this amp was NOT a super lead (NON master volume) but it was born as a Master Volume since its beginning. It was later modified as stated below. Have no idea of the differences yet 😛

So, it has arrived (for the record, this is a 1979 Marshall JMP 100w Lead). (more…)

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