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24 Feb Self Made Plexiglass Recording (Isolation) Panel Shields (Images/Audio Updates)


since I think that the room (well, whatever it is: basement, walking closet, … ) doesn’t sound well (there’s mirrors, glasses and panels reflecting the sound) I wanted to try something that was suggested by ClearSonic. It’s “panels” made of Plexiglass (Plexi? Haha…) that are used to shield the cabinet. There is a wide array of those for sale at ClearSonic but believe it or not, I wasn’t able (in months!) to find a reliable source that would sell me the A3 panels (meant for a Marshall Half Stack cabinet, measuring 2’W x 3’H ). So I took those measures and contacted a Plexiglass laboratory here in Rome and had them made by them.

The same Plexiglass laboratory is making me a console to hold a huge Apple monitor to go with a multicore MacPro computer that I bought specifically for SoloDallas.net (my iMac is being now incapable of holding the processing power that I need to shoot videos and audio at the same time). So I asked them to also build me those ClearSonic-like-A3 panels (same measures).

While I still haven’t found a way to place them correctly in front of my cabinet (I forgot to ask them to build “feet” on the panels, so the lie down in uncertain positions; furthermore, microphone stands have legs that stand in the way and other issues).

While waiting on one of my pictures to show you how I set them up, here is ClearSonic own panels and the way they are: (more…)

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10 Feb Guitar Player’s “99 Ways To Play (and Sound) Better”

From: Guitar Player

If you’re locked away in a basement for eight hours a day with a metronome and a torturous practice book that is equal parts Mel Bay/GuantanAmo Bay, you’re still not assured of transcendent 6-string skills. Sure, you may get stenographer-like dexterity and harmonic book-smarts up the f-hole, but playing soul-shaking music often requires a more diverse skill set. (more…)

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09 Feb Shredding that I like (warning, potentially “weird” content!)

Okay, now that I warned you, you will watch – that is, if you want – a Pink (yes, Pink!) live concert from 2009, a Led Zeppelin’s cover though (still in classic rock territory).

That is, “Baby I’m gonna leave you”.

I promise you, it shouldn’t waste 5 minutes of your life.

Besides being impressed with Pink’s own voice skills – really am – the guitar player there impressed me. I like this guy: Justin Derrico.


Then, digging more into Mr. Derrico’s playing,


And playing Guitar Rig with Pink’s live band:


If you like him, his sound and style (you may, since it’s rooted into classic rock, evidently) please pay attention to his hands, he “shreds” but at the same time, this young player still has plenty of feeling and great timing. Now, if these were to be the new generation of guitar players, I’d be content and satisfied.

Enjoy, hopefully

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23 Jan AC/DC’s “Back In Black” (Studio) New Series

Well, how could this one miss from the lot of the New Series? It couldn’t, is your sincere answer [sarcasm].

So I did it for you. And for me. And probably it won’t be the last time either. No secret, this is my number one, favorite song of all times across any musical genre. This is it, it’s the one that rings my bells.


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22 Jan More On “Miking” Guitar Amplifiers

It’s an art. While I think I may do a tutorial for this as well, I have watched a few youtube brief how-to’s on the subject, and wish to share them with you.

I can not stress enough the importance of good miking. Many of you have asked me about the settings used in the past. I do understand now that it was almost irrelevant. What was relevant instead, was “where and how did you put your microphone Fil, and what the EQ curves?”.

Miking! (i.e., setting up microphones for guitar amplifiers)

These are just some of them. There’s more. Feel free to add videos or sources of information you are aware of and think can contribute to our learning!

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22 Jan AC/DC “Shot Down In Flames” (Live)

sdif720 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

This is one of the two new videos I have been working on silently during these days (when you don’t hear from me, I’m either away, or working too hard on business or studying new content for SoloDallas.net!).
I have been trying to capture studio tone and the usual performance feeling.
Also, I think I am understanding better and better micing (i.e., the positioning of the microphones), equalizing, recording and mixing in general. It’s. Lot of work, but it is neessary. I am leaning towards thinking that amplifier settings, guitar settings, micing, equalizing and mixing all work together almost seamlessly to get you the tone you have in mind. Naturally, the playing is always the most important component, but the tone… is not in the hands (or not only in the hands). I mean at least, for that whole part that we consider as those tonal characteristics that are contained in the guitar type, amplifier and cabinet types, microphone type and its posotioning, equalization, mixing etc.
There is a lot of components, as you can see and hopefully, hear. (more…)

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