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11 Apr Breaking News: The Vega works! (Updated)

Another little update, just remind us of all of the importance of the Schaffer Vega:

In 1977 Angus was first introduced to the brand new technology of the wireless guitar system. The New York Palladium 1977 concert would be the very first time Angus would use the brand new wireless guitar transmitter. Before this, Angus was limited to the length of the guitar wire, so stage crew used to guide the guitar cable behind him during his audience walk about routine.

The very first system was a Schaffer-Vega diversity system, which was a bulky system, the transmitter was usually duct taped to Angus’ guitar to avoid any movement or disconnection from the guitar jack, at one point it possibly even being implanted into the cavity of his Gibson SG to help with stability of the unit during Angus’ wild stage antics. Angus would continue to use these systems for at least a decade or more. More recently, Angus (and Malcolm) have been using the Lectrosonics wireless guitar systems on stage.

Bon Scott told in an interview about his first encounter at the New York Palladium dressing room “I walked into the dressing room and there was Angus at one end playing his guitar and the amps at the other. No cords were connecting ’em! It was amazing to see. And Angus had this ‘Cheshire Cat’ grin all over his face and evil thoughts seemed to be going through his brain as to what havoc he could wreak with this evil little invention”….
Angus eagerly stated in an interview in 1977, “When we get back to Europe the first stop is gonna be London… No one will know what’s hit ’em!”



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07 Apr Fil “wins” one of the three “L’Arancia” Awards at Avid for Eleven Rack

Nobody had told me, and I don’t think I win anything else than being exposed a bit more but I just found this out and I wanted to let you know, too.

“L’Arancia” Award is an Avid Eleven Rack Award. (“L’Arancia” in Italian means Orange lol. Strange that this award has an Italian name?).

So maybe I won a fresh orange… juice. Lovely, I say! Give me one right now for my kingdom. I am all sweaty and been so for the past 10 days in the Indian hot climate.





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04 Apr SoloDallas.net Reaches 5136 Members!

Wow. One of my objectives was to reach five thousands Members. Seems like we did it.

We did it.

I would like to thank you All.

Even though we are five thousand strong there are only a few hundred of us that post comments? If you feel you would like to comment but don’t have anything of value to say, then you are wrong! Now is your chance! Here is the opportunity to introduce youself and tell us where you’re from and if you play, are learning to play or would just like to. You may just be a ‘Classic Rock’ fan, come on say a big Hi to all here! 🙂



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28 Mar Back In Black Tone Project Update (“Critical” info inside, from Mr. Townsend at Avid)

Due to the incredible availability and kindness of Mr. Chris Townsend at Avid – I would like to remind you that Mr. Townsend is Lead Guitar Products Architect at Avid, and he is responsible for all algorythms for FXs and amplfier modeling inside both the Eleven Plug in for Pro Tools AND the Eleven Rack – I have been exchanging emails – feverishly from my side of the ocean lol – talking about my experimentation to debunk, dissect and reproduce faithfully Mr. Angus Young’s guitar sound on the whole Back in Black album.

As this is my personal life-dream (guitar wise), this is all very meaningful to me; so I will take a chance to thank again Mr. Townsend for all of this (thank you, Chris!).

Here is his take on the compression side of the Schaffer Vega:

Chris Townsend wrote:

Hi Fil,

I definitely agree that there was some sort compression (more…)

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27 Mar SoloDallas features “MatiRock” with “Rocking Out”

Well, you see, when something is this good, you want to showcase it.

Matirock is an excellent example – but there are many here at SoloDallas’ (sorry for boasting this lol) of a humble young guy. Well mannered, skilled, “available” (he will help you as much as he can, personal experience).

So I would like to feature among the main posts here the guys that really stand out.

And Matirock did stand out with his “Rocking Out”.

Thanks for sharing with us your great contribution, Mati!


Fil 🙂



Mati, please provide a list of equipment used and recording techniques. Will be posted here.

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27 Mar SoloDallas’ Band Rehearsals


naturally it is not called “SoloDallas” band; I’m just the lead guitar player. But I named the post this way so that it would be understandable.

This was the third rehearsal, and things to me look (and sound) good.

Today I finally was able to bring in my 2204 and a 4×10 1970s cabinet. To tell you the truth, I think this cab “cuts” a bit too much in the mids (cut’s through, but a tad too much).

Used two guitars, the “Husk” les Paul and one of the several 1969 Gibson SG standards.

Anyways, I recorded the band before my two weeks long departure, as I wanted to have something to listen to, as I know I will be missing this place, my band and playing guitar.

Here it is to you, humbly. The drums and bass player are two known Italian pro’s that use to play for Mr. De Greogori (unknown to all of you most likely).

English speaking natives, please be kind towards the singer; I think he has a great voice, but naturally, English is not his first language (and neither his second one lol).

I recorded everything personally, with my two AT4047 put rather high (at eyes hight) on the corners of the room we play in. Recorded through an Mbox 2 Pro into my portable Mac Pro via ProTools 9.0.x

In no way by god do I remember the names of the songs lol. These are all covers, some of them are John Hiatt’s. I realize it may well not be your music genre (although, it’s well rooted into the blues) but still, first I wanted you to have a listen to my new band 🙂

Secondly, you know I always put myself on the line to give personal example of the fact that, AC/DC – yes, them – will let you play anything related to blues/rock with pride. If you consider that I still almost don’t know the structure of the song and that I have improvised every single solo, this should speak at lengths.

But anyway, enough with the chatter. Here we play for you, our first audience, with pleasure 🙂

PS should you wonder where I am in the stereo position, you’ll find me on the left! 😉




Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Song 5



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24 Mar SoloDallas’ “Back In Rack” (lol) With Avid’s Eleven Rack™


you haven’t seen me for two days, have you?

Certainly you couldn’t care less, I know, and you’re right 🙂

But I was working on this “tune”, if we can call it so (and I don’t know).

Thing is, that last sunday Avid’s Mr. Chris Townsend had gotten in touch with me regarding my use of Eleven Rack. He had seen a couple of my videos (maybe less) and he said he liked them. So he said that they would give me a beta version in advance to the General Availability for the public of the latest update for the Eleven Rack (it’s a pay-for update and they gave me a perfectly working beta for free!).

Eleven Rack is a splendid piece of Hardware and Software – a modeler, they call it – that emulates the whole signal path from guitar to “tape” (hard disk), that is, amplifier, effects, cabinets, microphones and many super cool other functions. We had talked about it a bit when I was using it so much last summer.

Mr. Townsend and his Team just released a much awaited update to the software (firmware) of the machine, that allows for even more things than before, with new amps, effects and… speaker breakup. (more…)

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