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29 Apr AC/DC In The Studio: Recording Info Insights (Update!)

UPDATE: Our friend and member Currentpeak has just found this superb interview in audio form where Powerage sound engineer Opitz describes how Angus recorded the album back then.

This is Currentpeak‘s understanding, I am posting his comment as a whole:


It is a Michael Butler’s (of Rock ‘n’ Roll Geek Show) interview with Mark Opitz. As we know, he was an audio engineer/mixer/producer for many Albert Productions’ artists including AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo = real rock royalty! (more…)

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22 Apr Breaking News: The Vega “Right” Settings with Input Impedance @ 50kohm

Well well well… I’m so ecstatic. I thought I couldn’t be any more than this, but I am.

As anticipated here, yesterday at the lab we went back to what we know of the original specifications of the Schaffer Vega. It clearly stated – thank God – that the input impedance of the transmitter was 50kohm (basically, right after the input jack there is a resistance inside the transmitter box).

[singlepic id=445 w=1024 h=768 float=]

Original Schaffer Vega Specifications (transmitter/receiver) (more…)

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20 Apr The (almost) Final Word On Back In Black? (UPDATE Shoot To Thrill)

Update: trying to grasp “Shoot To Thrill”.

Only an attempt, this one also is far from final. However, some reactions are already happening.

Angus seemed to have been “higher” on the guitar volume knob for this one, as he is evidently “boosting” the bass freqs more (you can hear it definitely even in the rhythm tone).

So on this 1971 SG Standard, volume knob was all time on 9 for both rhythm and solos (did only a single take). (more…)

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13 Apr It’s The Vega, Baby! (FIRST VEGA TEST)

Still learning here.

With this one, I took away some more TX level. I realized it was too much on the arpeggio piece-thing in the middle of the song: my picking hand was too noisy because of the excess compression.

You see, this thing works as follow: there is a compressor on the TX; and an expander on the RX.

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