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09 May Larry Carlton Blues Improvisation Tutorial



Extremely interesting. Simple, easy to understand and as precious as can be.

And now, for those of you who have always wondered why Powerage sounded different even in terms of notes played by Angus, reason is the Angus used the diminished scale a lot there.

Here’s Carlton about diminished scale:


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07 May Incredible Jazz/Fusion “One Man Band” Giulio Carmassi

Just stumbled upon this right now, while I was looking for reviews on a great Neumann U67 clone/replica called “Peluso P67” that I bought (still being shipped to me).

While the musical genre might be out of context for us here, please take a moment to watch this. It’s the most incredible thing I have ever seen.

The guy is a genius. He self recorded himself playing incredibly each instrument. And great video/photography skills, too.

A true artist.



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05 May The Very “Secrets” of Equalizing a Recorded Guitar

After months and months of time spent with my Sonnox Oxford Equalizer, I just bumped into this terrific, super short write up done by Scott Smith at Legendary Tones.

I’m reposting here just the very core of it, worth studying by memory.

This means, practically, that everyone one of you, every single one of you recording their guitars – no matter with what and how – should at least read it 10 times and maybe, print it out and stick it on your monitor. I have 😀 (more…)

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04 May Where is Fil?

Legit question. I disappeared. Not that you should care, but if you wondered… sick children and… Back in Black.


I’ve been stuck into re-playing/re-recording Back in Black.

It’s my obsession, but it is also more rational than simply being something I do for me: I did say it back then, and I’ll say it now more than ever: I want to nail every main AC/DC record tone down to the bone as much as possible and document it, step by step, with video, pictures (microphone positions by the inch; settings of any kind, … ) and text. This I feel is a mission I love to be in and also, in modern times, something that there is need of even for the future (documenting the classics).

It’s been days that I wanted to nail the tone 100%. Not simply “close” “yeah… almost there…” but really 100% (well, 99% will do).

I want to do one last try. I tried almost every possible combination of what I have here (in terms of, mics, position, loudness, settings, … ).

I know, the room, the mics, the outboard (console, preamps, … ). A lot of things I still don’t have (and will likely never have).


Bought a new soundcard, better than before (better mic pre’s), it’s a FireFace fourhundred:


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30 Apr AC/DC “Up To My Neck In You” Audio Attempt One


given the new discoveries reported here, I tried.

2204, Vega at half TX sensitivity, guitar volume 8 at all times;

Amp settings were presence 0, bass 0, mid, treble 5, master 6 preamp 6

U47 close up; EQ in post was flat except for bass removal and a hole around the five hundred hz; used plexi baffles to obtain boxy sound plus closed reverb.


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