Ant’s Gone Shooting Cover

15 Sep Ant’s Gone Shooting Cover

Anthony Portlock

I am a obsessed fan of ACDC \../ also on the road to rocking with their songs Gibson SG Standard 2004 Epiphone Les Paul special limited edition 1998 Guitar Rig 5 have been playing for a few years on and off but playing seriously now for 5 years. Rock on!

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    Posted at 05:52h, 17 September

    HAHAHAHAHAHA loved the part with your dad. Seems like something I would do PURPOSELY in my vids. Great playing Ant. Your playing is pretty clean as well. Who difference in tone with TSR.

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    Posted at 18:39h, 15 September

    Nice cover, Ant! It sounds great!
    Your dad’s cameo, and your nonchalant playing subsequently – priceless! I cracked up 🙂
    Hey, I couldn’t quite figure out from the vid the fingering for the four chords in the main riff – it sounds good. Can you describe?

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      Posted at 19:04h, 15 September

      Lol thank you Ren yea my dad had no idea i was recording its hard to indicate that there is a camera “over there” without slipping up also impossible to speak as mentally too focus on timing speaking would throw me off

      Ah well the playing has taken some time for me to figure out, i know its a finger pluck method but turned out from my listening its done by a index and pick pinch pluck on the g string and normal middle finger pluck on the b the index finger acts as a muter on the d string

      Preset to be shared soon 🙂

      I might do a short video showing how i do it in more detail

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    Posted at 13:42h, 15 September

    First video with the TSR 🙂

    Ended up on these setting for Guitar rig 75% input 50% boost

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