andicf Live wire Atlantic studio Version

23 Feb andicf Live wire Atlantic studio Version


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    Posted at 14:31h, 26 February

    Thank you 😀

    So it was AmplitubeAmplitube 3 , precisely the Marshall Slash Afd 100, since it’ s a modded marshall 2203 with more gain. Cabinet was the vintage 4×12 25c . should have greenbacks i guess :). Micd with one condenser 87 and one condenser u67 . off-axis. And some slight reverb

    Guitar is a heavily customized epiphone sg… I changed the frets by myself, Pick-up seymour-duncan sh-5 , but i changed the magnet to a alnico V because the ceramic one had way too much output… Some random orange-drops i found in an old amplifier( these capacitors sound really good. . i also have A gibson standart-sg but it’s in germany at my home( studiying in an other country. ) so this epiphone is heavily played every-day and since the frets are now dunlop-jumbo-frets they wont die as fast as the stock-ones.

    Amp settings were presence 4, bass 8, treble 7, mids 4-5 .. And the gain like 3. Mastervolume doesnt matter, whatever fits you best

    But the main thing was my usb-interface, a roland ua25 -ex…. I gave it some boost from the pre-amp, and that thing has a Built-in analog compressor wich is letting your guitar squash a little more…

    So that’s the way to go….

    I am waiting for my shaffer-replica-pedal to fire my black-heart-tube amp 😀 this will be THE real thing

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    Posted at 06:17h, 26 February

    Great job!

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    Posted at 23:12h, 25 February

    And there goes the headphones! 🙂

    Nice tone, details pls! Emulation software or the real gear?

    Great job!

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