An Aracom Attenuator and a Few Vintage Marshalls (Complete)

26 Nov An Aracom Attenuator and a Few Vintage Marshalls (Complete)

So… been meaning to shoot something like this for some time, here you have it.

It’s a long journey into what an attenuator can do for you, with powerful, loud tube amps (ONLY tube amps can be attenuated with an attenuator such as the Aracom).

Total of 6 videos, all being processed right now, here’s the one.

Thanks for viewing, yours,

Fil 🙂

1967 Gibson SG Standard on 1976 Marshall Super Lead through Aracom PRX150-DAG

1959 Lentz Conversion Les Paul on 1976 Marshall Super Lead through Aracom PRX150-DAG

1969 Gibson SG Custom, non original pickups (old Di Marzio) on 1976 Marshall Super Lead AND 1977 2204, through Aracom. Then, 1970 Gibson SG Standard on 1977 Marshall 2204 through Aracom.

1959 Lentz Conversion on 1977 Marshall 2204 through Aracom

What this Aracom PRX150-DAG looks like up close (it’s the one on the RIGHT 😛 ):

[singlepic id=417 w=1024 h=768 float=]

Technical notes:

While discussing with Jeff, Aracom Owner, Jeff told me

BTW:  With the PRX150 in the “F” (Variable) position, the output of an amp putting out 100 watts is between 0.07 to 1.5 watt entering the speaker cabinet, therefore only 25% of that per speaker, based on a 4×12 cab.

0.1 of a watt (entering the cab) can be considered above conversation level, have to talk loud above it.   It is amazing how “loud” less than a watt is.

Those buying low wattage amps to crank up and play in their homes without disturbing someone would still have to rely on the Master Volume control or an attenuator.

I see that someone asked about the price.  Our dealer sells the PRX150-DAG for $785

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

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    Posted at 06:39h, 07 October

    Hi Fil,

    I love the tones you are getting in the whole series of these Aracaom vids.

    I’m really loving the 50 watt 2204 tones through the attenuator though, and was wondering, is your 2204 modded in any way, or is it stock?


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      Posted at 07:06h, 07 October

      Thank you!
      The Aracom is the best attenuator in the world. The 2204 is as stock as it gets!

      Fil 😉

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        Posted at 07:41h, 07 October

        Awesome, man!

        Thanks again!

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