All I had hoped and more, from you – the registered users at SoloDallas.net

04 Oct All I had hoped and more, from you – the registered users at SoloDallas.net

Yep. I haven’t told you enough how it is important for me that our little community is so strong. Well I feel it as a strong one.

There’s a lot of talk about communitues here and there, social networks and all. And too often, it all comes down to daily gossip. Don’t it?

Not here, not at SoloDallas.net, no. Because here we talk about one or more things we all have in common. No, it’s not the gear, not alone, there’s more, it goes beyond it.

The gear is “instrumental” (nice use of words Fil), it can get us there in paradise. I am re-discovering that feeling I had had many years ago, when I started learning about timing. That brought me in a whole, different dimension musically. But now I needed that tone, because that music is as such because there is also that tone. Which tone (you point at me, wondering)?

This one, that one, on those records, right there.

– But Fil, “tone is in the hands”.

The heck it is. Not true. Well it is true to some extent, but then, answer this: why every artist is always looking to more gear? Inspiration, yes, true. More inspiration.

“Give Angus Young or any other great guitar player any guitar and they will sound like themselves, Fil”. True, but they much likely won’t play as good as you heard them on their most inspired musical pieces.

But I didn’t want to digress in this kind of talk here, this is just a part of it, maybe a big part, but it’s the emotional connection to that music that drives us. So you got the gear, you got the chops and you have to have the passion and the groove.

This is what solodallas.com is about, it’s always what i wanted it to be. And you out there, either you know it or not, are important to me. At times I feel like we were all – well the ones of us who talk with comments and all – around a table, maybe a bar table, sipping some coffe (I’m buying, Italian espresso for all) and exchange ideas, opinion, resources, sources. It’s working. I like it. No wait, I love it.

Thank you.

There, love message and group hug on a monday morninng.

Fil 🙂

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

We Are Rock 'N Roll People.

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    Posted at 06:25h, 08 October

    Hey Fil,
    i`m in a german web community called wer-kennt-wen.de, translated
    who knows who. I gave them your webaddress in groups like ACDC, ACDC FOREVER, MARSHALLAMPS and GIBSON SG THE BEST. Don`t wonder if you get more germans the next days (-;

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      Posted at 06:45h, 08 October

      I always felt “at home” with Germans. Since my very early years. Many reasons for this, but one of the most important for me was their (your) sense of respect and efficiency, typical of northern countries. So the more, the better. My wife’s best friend is actually from Germany – Dusseldorf – so that tells you something, too. I have to learn some German.

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        Posted at 07:16h, 08 October

        Fine to read, thank you!
        Yes, the more know your site, the more register, the more experiences, the more help, the more happyness (-:
        I´m a big Italyfan, i have friends there but more in the south, but on both sides, east and west.
        I have traveled there more than 10.000 km and in the 90ies i learned italian for one year. In 97`it ended all suddenly. Qualcuno rubato mia macchina ))-: Grande merda !! Since that time i never traveled to Italy again….))-:

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          Posted at 07:27h, 08 October

          I am trying to plan a Trip to Italy for July. I am a student (from canada) I really hope it gets off the ground. I am not even sure where i want to visit yet though. Much research still needs to be done.

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            Posted at 07:50h, 08 October

            The most beautyful side in Italy is the west.
            Rome, Napoli, Salerno, Amalficoast, where all the oranges are. In Sorrento is a wonderful icecafe with many sorts of ice and in the ice are big fruits (-: There is the Vesuv and Capri. Very worth to visit !

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              Posted at 07:58h, 08 October

              Thank you I will definitelty keep that in mind. Any info is good info,

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              Posted at 07:58h, 08 October

              I’m with you my friend. I’ve been to Napoli, up to the top of Vesuvio with a guide, Erculano, Pompeii, Rome and the Vatican City. There are very few places in the world where such beautiful history is still relatively intact, a ‘must visit’ sometime in life. I’ll be back…….

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                Posted at 08:14h, 08 October

                Had no idea so many of you knew Italy? huh.

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                  Posted at 08:50h, 08 October

                  It has always seemed like a very charming place. Not to mention some of my most favourite history comes from there. Definitely a place i have always considered to be visited before i die.

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              Posted at 08:13h, 08 October

              Moin moin,
              feel free to add Hagen Lauer in wer kennt wen 🙂

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        Posted at 07:31h, 08 October

        Well, I’m a german too, from near Hamburg, but living in Vienna, Austria now for 12 years. The world is small, sometimes 🙂

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        Posted at 12:16h, 09 October

        Howdy Fil,
        i forgot something yesterday. You grew up in Dallas ? I was there in the year 2000. We had some friends there, that means, more in Fort Worth, but Dallas and Fort Worth are sisters (-:
        We started Texas in Paris, then Dallas, Fort Worth, Huston, Galveston Island, Ozona, Lubbock(pretty pretty Peggy Sue), Amarillo(eat a monstersteak in one hour) and on the route 66 again to New Mexico and finished in Denver.
        It was sooo funny as we walked trough the stockyards of Fort Worth as Hells Bells came out of the loudspeakers.
        And yes, i was wearing a hat and boots ((-:

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    Posted at 08:47h, 05 October

    I check this site every lunch time at work 🙂 even as i type now i am munching on my dinner (fish n chips) :D.

    Great site and i love how you are so passionate about classic rock music and the level of detail you go into to obtain the sounds of ACDC are beyond me, just whish i could replicate it with amplitude :(.

    Question on gear if I may. comparing a SG standard (typical new purchase) to a Epiphone les paul standard would there be any difference in tone?

    ill have to post a video one of these days but havnt got the equipment to video record 🙁


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    Posted at 03:07h, 05 October

    Por primera vez, voy a escribir en mi idioma, no tengo muchas ganas de traducir 😀

    Querido Filipo, amo esta página, me encantan todos los posteos que realizas, es muy interesante todo el material que volcas acá.

    Te felicito enormemente por tus logros.

    Seguimos en contactos.



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      Posted at 03:34h, 05 October

      Ti rispondo in Italiano, perché ho capito! Grazie di cuore, Un abbraccio, Fil 🙂

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    Posted at 23:17h, 04 October

    Words of wisdom.

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