AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You’Ve Got It)”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (SoloDallas cover)

08 Nov AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You’Ve Got It)”, The Schaffer Replica™ Series (SoloDallas cover)

A few things – two – were different on this one. But I think both are rather important, so I’ll mention it to you.


An Original Early 1970s Shure SM57 “Unidyne III”.


The SOLO/610 delivers the classic Putnam 610 tube console sound in a rugged, highly versatile mic preamp design. This unit provides the silky, vintage warmth of the original console’s mic amp design, and will flatter any microphone or instrument with its signature sound. Thanks to its convenient form factor, the SOLO/610 can be conveniently used in the control room or the recording room, on stage, or on a desktop. Functionally lean but sonically mean, the SOLO/610 maintains the character of the 610 console (from Universal Audio)

The first one is one of the two mikes. Well it still is an SM57, but it is now one of the older, original ones, and yes, it is (unfortunately/fortunately) different. This is called an SM57 “Unidyne III”, and we had briefly mentioned it on the comments previously. It is a 1970s one, likely similar or identical to the ones used on “Highway To Hell”. It differs from the current production – made in Mexico – and it was made in The US of A. Sound-wise, it sounds way less “harsh” than contemporary ones. They are all different from mike to mike, that has to be mentioned too, but this one is definitely smooth. Part maybe is its age, partly the slightly different production. Who knows? Fact is, that the Unidynes are known to be better SM57s and it is also what was available back then. I have to tell you that as soon as I plugged it in, I heard the difference immediately. The SM57 “Unidyne III” went into the Universal Audio 710 (it’s one of my two relatively new microphone pre-amps); the Sennheiser MD421 went into the second other element that I consider a novelty in my signal path, that being, another Universal Audio preamplifier, this time the Solo 610. Even in this case, I heard a major difference.

Indeed I may now have slightly refined ears compared to what they were in the past to spot audio differences (or what remains of my audio hearing capabilities), however I would describe the presence of a pre-amp in the signal path as adding clarity, “presence” indeed, bringing out the full capabilities and character  of a given microphone. Which is a good thing naturally, as it becomes finally easier for me to dial sounds in, as I think slightly occurred to the sounds of this video compared to the previous three ones. I am basically saying that it would seem to me that there is a slight level of increased accuracy in matching my sound to the album sounds. Both rhythm and solos, naturally.


I used the Rock N’ Roll Relics “Angus Model” for the rhythm, with David Allen’s T-Top prototype I (a hot t-top basically, ranging in the 8.6 kohm area, definitely hot for a t-top!). Guitar volume was at 10 and tone was at 5, as the previous attempts. Just like I mentioned previously in fact, I think Angus and Mal were using the guitars for rhythm at 10 likely – with the exception of some instances – as at 10 the guitar is fully open and no tone is sacrificed. This allows for lower levels of the amp(s) volumes and loudness, which contributes to the capability of capturing great sounds in the studio and so on and forth. In the past, I had never done this. I was giving for granted that in the studio, they’d do as they did live – 10 for solos, 7-8 for rhythm. I don’t think at all this anymore, and the slightly increased accuracy of my sounds of recent could be the validation of this thinking. But we’ll see and research further. Always many of these are all only assumptions of mine (some luckier than others).



Things That Count.

Things That Matter.


Please Check back later, post in development!

Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

We Are Rock 'N Roll People.

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    Posted at 02:46h, 09 November

    Fil remember I posted on your highway to hell one saying the Aussie First pressing record sounds much much better well I just got mine in the mail I bought and it sounds incredible. I also found out something else very interesting. Some songs including if you want blood on the record are actually almost standard tuning or if not dam close and not lesser like the cd/mp3. This is not because the speed on my player is off I had it set prefect…..You can tell if you change something and it’s off. It sounds exactly like that’s how it was recorded. Even my regular canadian pressing did sound more standard then we think it is although the aussie first press sounded better for sure and closer to standard if not standard. Some songs still sound way off from standard but a few like if you want blood, walk all over and even touch to much sound closer to standard tuning on the records. I still have yet to compare the other songs but doing as we speak 🙂

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      Posted at 03:48h, 09 November

      I just came across an Aussie pressing of Powerage at a local store. Thinking about picking it up… Interesting about the speed on HTH.

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        Posted at 17:04h, 09 November

        Yes but don’t forget don’t waste your money with just any aussie pressing it must a first or at the least a 2nd press if you want the best sound but 1st sounds amazing. Yes the speed is interested cause there’s people on you tube that have took the HTH songs and changed the speed to standard so you can play along with it but it doesn’t sound quite like that on the record yet it sounds standard so I think more songs then we think we actually original recorded standard or closer to it. I heard some other albums are like that so going to find out for sure.

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          Posted at 17:35h, 09 November

          How can I tell if it’s a 1st pressing?

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    Posted at 00:10h, 09 November

    That is one hot T-top! I have come across one 1964 online where the owner claimed the bridge was 8.2k. But I think that was pretty rare by the mid-60s and most are well below 8.0k.

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    Posted at 21:42h, 08 November


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    Posted at 18:49h, 08 November

    Incredible job, as usual. “Highway to hell” album sound was full of mystery for me, and now your’re so closed : “you got it!!! “

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