LTBR/’78 Glasgow Tone DEBUNKED! (Updated, shocking)

16 Apr LTBR/’78 Glasgow Tone DEBUNKED! (Updated, shocking)

Update: found this:


Would rule out LTBR having been recorded with the Vega. Even Angus confirms that he was given the Vega at the Palladium concert in NY (after recording LTBR).


SUPER UPDATE on the Glasgow (and possibly, LTBR TONE! EDIT: given the above interview, LTBR wouldn’t have been recorded with the Vega. The Vega was acquired later).

Hagen: I was wrong. You were right. LOL. I am saying it, LOL.

I had not tried the Vega Recevier boost capability with the 2203 yet; it was you guys suggesting about the 2203 (read in the below update: I had set the Recevier boost ouput to zero db). I have just done it, as I was thinking… if the 2203 is so powerful and trebly, maybe… just maybe…

well,  IT IS (was) A 2203 BOOSTED BY THE VEGA!

We have (talking about Glasgow 1978): pictorial evidence of 2203s for Angus. Pictorial evidence for the Schaffer Vega.


Listen. So, there is NO TREBLE BOOST!

Whole Lotta Rosie Glasgow 1978 – VEGA AND 1978 2203

It sounds 10 times better! It’s just identical now. Don’t you think???


Now, the doubt I have then is that maybe even Let There Be Rock was recorded entirely with a 2203 AND The Vega just arrived? But it is not in accordance with what Bon says, that the first time he saw Angus with it it was at some Palladium concert.

However, we know also that Bon always tried to be sensational, as in, letting the public think that Angus would use the unit the first time Live. It may just not have been so and Angus could have used the Vega in the studio, for the first time, for Let There Be Rock (stay tuned on this).

Will try LTBR with the Vega and see what comes out.

ALL of what comes below is WRONG!!!! I am leaving it for mental honesty and a laugh: there was NO boost at Glasgow. It was Angus’ Schaffer Vega with a Marshall 2203.

What turns out as simply amazing though is the fact that… The Vega is wonderful!!!

Definitive settings:


– 1978 2203 in stock condition. Settings: presence 0. bass 5, mid 5, treble 5, master 6 preamp 6 (very interesting super regular settings!)

– Gibson SG ’69 custom with AY sig pickup in bridge; settings: rhythm 8, solo 10

– Vega Wireless; settings: TX at 3 o’clock; RX with rear boost set to +20 db;



Signal path: guitar cable into Vega TX; Vega TX sends to Vega RX; Vega RX boosts +20db and goes into high sensitivity channel 1 in 2203.




Please note: all of what you may read from here on, is a crazy man’s mental fabrication. You be warned, there is no truth to the following. The truth is above. Thank you, Fil 🙂

Re-did it now.

Well what do you know… IT WAS certainly a 2203. Brightness came in on its own. Amazing. Thanks Jon, George and Rob for pointing this out to me strongly!

Whole Lotta Rosie Live, 2203, Vega Treble Booster

So let’s summarize this up for the ’78 Glasgow live exclusively for now:

There seems to be a treble booster on Ang’s strap, and certainly the sound matches with it. Without it, it’s impossible: there are “cranked” frequencies that are plainly audible and can NOT be obtained otherwise.


– 1978 2203 in stock condition. Settings: presence 0. bass 5, mid 5, treble 5, master 6 preamp 6 (very interesting super regular settings!)

– Gibson SG ’69 custom with AY sig pickup in bridge; settings: rhythm 8, solo 10

– Vega Wireless; settings: TX at 3 o’clock; RX with rear boost set to 0 (zero) db; no boost from the Vega here (only on TX)

– a germanium treble booster at 2.5 o’clock


Signal path: guitar cable into treble booster; booster ouput into Vega TX; Vega TX sends to Vega RX; Vega RX into high sensitivity channel 1 in 2203.



Imho, we’re there. We’re just there.


EDIT: examining Jon’s flickr photos, it appears that the box is not silver; might have been a reflection of lights in my first poor image below.

It appers to be a leather black case. Now I am uncertain though. It may be the Vega. If so, this would throw me in more confusion. Although, the treble booster might have been in the back (makes sense anyway). I just hear the booster.

However, how to explain the jack unplugged in Fling/Rocker? I do not know.

Here’s Jon’s careful research made of accurate screen caps:

Jon’s Flickr screen caps from ’78 Glasgow

Also, George has terrific images that proove no doubts it’s a 2203 (or 3 stager) and likely Schaffer Vegas high antennas all around:

Geroge’s flickr


Thanks again to both of you for this terrific job.

EDIT: Jon, it was YOUR screen caps that made me go back to the latest update up above, Thanks man, those grabs are great. It’s just that the leather soft case with light reflections made it seem a silver box at first; instead, it’s probably a backup TX unit OR a battery pack for the Transmitter inside the guitar!


Help? (about the booster)




Update: Whole Lotta Rosie attempt from “If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It” (LIVE 1978).

I was NEVER in my life able to reach this closeness in tone and reaction from the guitar. Used the VEGA and the triboost on Red combined, as it may have been in the video below.

You judge, please?

Whole Lotta Rosie



Again, so excited I can barely write.

I am trying to calm down right now.


You read right though: it’s done.

You may have read in the past days  – month likely – that I used to think that the LTBR tone was in the Vega.

Well, it is not. Since I had it the other day, I tried everything. Even the rear boost, which is almost the same – in tone and boost level – as the front one.

So I started thinking. And thinking. Did Angus really use a boost on LTBR? He said he never used any “effects”. Right.

With the exception of a boost though. He DID use it.

Not only this: but on the “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” he also uses in conjunction the Schaffer Vega AND The boost.

Now please follow me closely, as I will demonstrate this to you at first with images and interviews; later on, I will do a sound test.

First off, please concentrate on this screen shot: it’s poor, but it’s KEY.

Now tell me: what the HECK is THIS? (LOOK AT THE SILVER BOX!!!!)

[singlepic id=477 w=1024 h=768 float=]

(from [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qB5eQc5V20[/youtube])


For quite some time, I had been thiniing it was the VEGA transmitter.

Right? WRONG. At THIS time, the Vega transmitter HAD BEEN INSTALLED INSIDE THE GUITAR. Earlier video footage show clearly that Angus did NOT have anything attached to his strap; additionally, the output jack of the guitar had been put in another position.

Furthermore, the SHAPE of the transmitter already at the time had the same color and shape of mine.

Proof? Late 1970s actual product shot:

[singlepic id=444 w=1024 h=768 float=]

So WHAT IS IT? Well brother, it’s THIS:

(PLEASE NOTE: these are pictures of the current replica; the original one – still to be indentified exaclty – might have had less knobs, maybe just the stomp switch, as it seems to be the only visible thing there, compatible with a treble boost only: PLEASE RUN and help me research!)


EDIT: Probably FOUND(?). Pete Cornish designed in… 1977 (HA) a mini treble booster for Queen. I think Angus bought one almost immediately.

Picture (look at the silver box, likely without bypass stomp-switch here):




In 1977 I designed a new miniature version of the TB, with exactly the same characteristics, and this is the one that I am still building – now known, by Queen fans, as the “Original TB-83” and the “TB-83 Extra” (with volume and bypass switch). (The Miniature Single TB and the Double TB Extra are shown on the photo “B. May Old Board + 3X PC TB”).


Whatever it was, maybe not that one, but I am almost certain 100% it was a copy of a “Dallas Rangemaster” in a more compact form. Isn’t it funny in its name, lol? Basically, it IS a treble boost. Also known widely as “Germanium boost”.

So I just opened mine this morning (replica).

It’s a well known treble/mid boost of the ’70s in a compact form.



Dimesnions match perfectly. Look and compare the size of the box with the strap. I have a similar strap, it just matches perfectly.

Also, possibly, at some point we see an unplugged jack coming off of Angus’ in those few “If You Want Blood You’ve Got it” videos. I think it is on “Fling Ting” that you see an unplugged jack.

I think Angus had the option of using or not using the treble booster.

Whaterver it was, I just plugged this boost into the 1959 WITHOUT the Vega for now, because I wanted to check FIRST LTBR tone. It does match!

So in conclusion: On Let There Be Rock (the album) Angus didn’t have the Vega yet.

We DO know this because Bon stated that the first time he had seen Angus with it was into a live situation AFTER the recording of LTBR. We have the interview on one previous post here.

But the above video DOES SHOW that Angus was wireless. Also, there is that box, which just mateches perfectly.

ALSO the TONE on “If You Want Blood” DOES SHOW (audio) that the boost was there. In fact, I had been trying yesterday to re-play “Whole Lotta Rosie” from that album, but I wasn’t able to: the Vega alone is too dark to match the tone of “If You Want Blood”!

Jesus I am SO excited.




Fil "SoloDallas" Olivieri

We Are Rock 'N Roll People.

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    Posted at 17:32h, 16 April

    Thats it Fil, your a winner! Now thats how you nail tone!

  • avatar
    Posted at 15:56h, 16 April

    Hi Fil!! you are right. Its sounds very close to a germanium treble booster. I have a homemade germanium OC44 Rangemaster and it sounds incredible with your apm a bit cracked at 2,5 o’clock as you say!!
    I’ll follow this experiment with you. Congratulations!

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    Posted at 15:50h, 16 April

    I know this is all about the tone here, but man, what a performance!

    This has always been my favorite version of Rosie, and listening to you doing it…. I remember you did it in your old Youtube channel, and here is even better!


  • avatar
    Posted at 15:29h, 16 April

    Damn,every time you post a “new” version or update I’m like

    “That’s It FIL!!!!!”


    This time, it’s PERFECT.

    Rock on Brother 🙂

  • avatar
    Posted at 15:04h, 16 April

    Thats really shocking, yes…that’s not close, thats 100%! Must be a great feeling 🙂

  • avatar
    Posted at 13:59h, 16 April

    Listening to the latest WLR rendition now, I’m speechless… Fil & guys, you did it again!

    I’m very excited and proud to be part of this like-minded community! I salute you guys!

  • avatar
    Posted at 13:47h, 16 April

    Haha. This tone is spot on, but Im even more impressed by how the hell you pulled off that solo. It was perfectly, not a missing note.

  • avatar
    Posted at 12:36h, 16 April

    booaahhh, this is absolutely amazing outstanding!!
    What a sound !! Big and fat like i never heard before. It`s different to hear Angus`sound that close. On the album you hear the full song with all components together, but to hear Angus`s guitar so close makes a completely different impression. Now i heard for the first time how big and fat Angus`guitar truly sound.
    This time you match this sound just perfect and i`m really impressed !!
    With Angus`guitar i mean your guitar, of course.
    My three favorite sounds are Back In Black, Highway To Hell and this live album If You Want Blood You`ve Got It.
    Now i ask myself, if you could do the original Highway To Hell sound ? I´m very interested in this sound !!

    • avatar
      Posted at 12:43h, 16 April

      That’s a completely new attempt to re-make. HtH, I mean.
      Who knows if used the Vega on rhythm, solo? Naturally, I’ll try! For now I think we have down 99% to 100% Back in Black and Glasgow 1978.
      All the others will come, believe me! 😉

      • avatar
        Posted at 12:57h, 16 April

        ooh yes, you`re right, there are 100% now.
        Thank you, that you will try/do HTH as well ! It`s really important to me !!

  • avatar
    Posted at 12:23h, 16 April

    Fil, maybe he used the treble boost on the album but not live?

    • avatar
      Posted at 12:45h, 16 April

      I have no idea at this point. It might have been the Vega. It’s totally compatible sound wise with a 2203. It’s just that everyone thought it was a 1959… It’s true, I have to try with my own knowledge and doubt of anything else that has been stated in the past. New ground, fully.

  • avatar
    Posted at 12:21h, 16 April

    And Again, you have made it happen. I salute you.

    Really, there is nothing that is not spot on.

    At first I thought this was one of the master-tapes. 😀

    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  • avatar
    Posted at 12:06h, 16 April

    Fil, that’s just E-P-I-C.
    You’re the man!!! 🙂

    • avatar
      Posted at 12:09h, 16 April

      Well, I am and am not: was wrong. Just one thing had come in my mind right now: why not to try with the 2203 boosting it via the Vega TX? Well I just did. It is the Vega lol
      The Vega with the 2203 is extremely different to the 1959. What a fool!!!! Will have to tell Hagen lol hang on, posting the sound file

      • avatar
        Posted at 12:28h, 16 April

        well, it is hard to belive what a rollercoaster of emotions it is here 🙂

        • avatar
          Posted at 12:42h, 16 April

          yes, you`re absolutely right.
          Even my emotions are cooking right now (-:

  • avatar
    Posted at 07:15h, 16 April

    The Rosie partial……..HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!! 😛

    That “little” bit of grit/gainy that I said might be missing earlier? THERE IN FULL. In my small opinion this is 100% to the max Fil!!!!!!!!

    I only wish you could’ve finished it. 😉 Love the instantanious STOP. I tried to hear the knocking with no luck.

    Can’t wait to hear a full version………..

    • avatar
      Posted at 10:38h, 16 April

      in the last 3-4 seconds you can hear in distance the knockings from the neighbor, pure fun…. lol

      • avatar
        Posted at 19:25h, 16 April

        I gave another listen after I saw your comment…and Hahahaha….. I did hear it!!!! 🙂 I was mistaking it for that sound when the strings hit the pickup while muting.

        That was excellent!!!! 😛

        To bad he took it out of the post. What a laugh!

        • avatar
          Posted at 19:45h, 16 April

          I just imaging him to be in the nirvana of soloing and BANG, stop, run… what a moment..lol

          • avatar
            Posted at 19:53h, 16 April

            Exactly. That’s happened to me here!!!! No neighabors though. The wife will come out in the middle of recording to start laundry 😉

            Hey, I found some shots of the antenna you were showing yesterday. They’re in the limk to my Flickr above. 🙂

  • avatar
    Posted at 04:52h, 16 April

    Alright… That was a major surprise for me. A treble booster? I would never imagine xD
    Fil… That’s IT. It was one of the missing pieces. It sounds… just like it. I can’t find the words to describe it. All the little nuances are there 😛
    I’m really really excited about this 😀

    But… I’m also a little confused… If the transmitter was installed inside the control cavity… how did he put the treble booster between the guitar and the transmitter? And also, how can he still have sound if he unplugs the jack? Wouldn’t the chain be cut? I guess it must’ve been really well planned. 😛

    This is just to show how comments like “Just plug the guitar into a Marshall and you have Angus tone” are so WRONG.

    Again, I say: This site is AMAZING! We discovered so much things in less than a year! Thank you so much Fil, for everything 😀

    By the way, did you receive my reply about the “videos” thing? 😛

  • avatar
    Posted at 02:52h, 16 April

    pure excellence Fil, ur rightt there!

  • avatar
    Posted at 01:11h, 16 April

    I’m speechless….Phenomenal man….

  • avatar
    Posted at 23:04h, 15 April

    Well, it seems like I was able to do slightly better.
    Thing was that, I had made the “mistake” of putting tge treble booster between the amp and the Vgea TX; NOT as it was on video (why did I do that?). Now I just redid it, but neighbor stomped on the floor before I could end the fucking take. Anyway, the treble booster now sits like it should: guitar jack into treble booster; booster out into Vega TX (FANTASTIC, 100 times better) and the rest is more or less the same, but I also added presence.
    To me, it’s now 99% it. PS still tried with the 1959. Probably 2203 tomorrow. I think 2203 are even brighter, so it could come more easy. It’s really bright on the recording, I’m, impressed.

    • avatar
      Posted at 23:55h, 15 April

      Very brave of you to do everything close before midnight! xD

      Reminds me of a nice sentence: “My neighbors have no idea who was James Charles Marshall … but they hate him!” xD

      Greetings Fil! =)

    • avatar
      Posted at 00:03h, 16 April

      I had to laugh how you rapidly stop playing! xD Could imagine what happened there!
      Happened to me sometimes when arriving home, drunk, and I felt like playing some heartbreaking blues with BB King … But my neighbors weren’t in a such bluesy mood =/
      philistines! xD

      All the best! Maybe buying a presentor is a good idea now? xD

    • avatar
      Posted at 02:52h, 16 April

      Every picture I have seen of Angus’ live shows- in the past and posted by our good friends here on this site- in late 70’s shows a 220x. I believe it’s the 100 watter, 2203. I have felt it was that on LTBR, based only on visual evidence. You sir will prove it.

  • avatar
    Posted at 22:57h, 15 April

    Fantastic Fil, fantastic this sound !!
    That would be absolutely nice if this sound comes also out of your replicabox, if not, than i have to know exactly what model the treblebooster should be. Thank you sooo much for finding out so important things to get this sound. You are the best “Soundexplorer” of all times !!

  • avatar
    Posted at 22:50h, 15 April

    took a listen, sounds great, but i think ive overdone it 😀 after 2 ours of listening AC/DC stuff im just deaf. I will have to try boosts and look around, but im not convinced right now. I only believe what I see so far 😀

  • avatar
    Posted at 20:53h, 15 April

    Terrific! I barely can tell the difference from the original

    I wonder if Audacity lets you subtract channels… Fil, if you record yourself on a separate channel, subtract from the original sound, you’ll get a guitar-less backing track 🙂

    Cheers, Renato (with new avatar, tshirt proud and joking around)

  • avatar
    Posted at 20:45h, 15 April

    That angus young is a sneaky little guy lol. This just goes to show that people have way underestimated what went into that early angus tone.

    Your sound sample is good, the tone is definatley in that area but I find it lacks that hollowness especially in the solo. When angus solos on album, it almost has an acoustic quality, the strings sound very fresh and almost twangy? It’s hard for me to explain lol

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