AC/DC Channel 7 Documentary Part 3/3

12 Jun AC/DC Channel 7 Documentary Part 3/3


Jase Manley

Hello im Jase, I live in the UK and i was born in 86' and i love anything to do with guitar. Iv been a big fan of ACDC since i first heard them when they played live in the VH1 studios in 96' what a great show! As soon as i watched that i started learning guitar. I started off with a cheap Honer acoustic which i had till i was about 15, thats when i kinda lost interest. I left school a fews years later and had been in the adult world for a few years and by now i was 19, so i decided i wanted to play again so i saved up 4 weeks wages and bought a Crafter acoustic. I always had dreams of a Gibson SG seeing as though Angus is my idle :-) It wasnt till last year that i was actually in the position to be able to afford one, i started off by buying a Gibson SG Standard and a Marshall MG100fx which i thought was terrible, i just couldnt get that tone i really wanted. I sold that in the end and started lookin on eBay regularly and came across a JCM2000 with a 1960a cab which i actually won for £360. Iv never been happier i think its a great amp. I will post videos eventually but i still have a lot of gear i still need. I also recently bought a Gibson AFD USA and i can honestly say it plays like a dream! Very high quality for a USA

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