A sly look into the shop part II: Gold Tag Front and Rear test prints and Ken Schaffer’s Autograph Tags

09 Dec A sly look into the shop part II: Gold Tag Front and Rear test prints and Ken Schaffer’s Autograph Tags

Dear Members,

just a little update: Franz got the print samples for the Gold Tag’s front and rear plates and also the hundred Autograph plates from Ken Schaffer with his Autograph arrived. Below some photos for you:





Franz Farklas

I'm born 1970, a big AC/DC fan since 1982, when I got the "Back in Black" cassette tape together with a little cassette player from my grandpa. Fully classic rock addicted, don't like "modern" music styles like HipHop. 2009 I got a Gibson SG standard ebony, learning to play AC/DC songs from tabs and videos since then. Beside that, I'm a totally computer addicted guy and Linux Server specialist. Working as internet server and network admin and part-time IT consultant. So, when I'm not behind my guitar, I'm behind the keyboard :-) Feel free to contact me at ICQ 71095781 or MSN banane@exception.at or skype ffarklas@exception.at.

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    Posted at 13:33h, 11 December

    Thank you Banane!

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    Posted at 17:55h, 10 December

    Bane, it’s been awhile since I have visited the site. What kind of notification will we receive on final payment for the goldtag version? Please tell me that I’m still on the list for a goldtag!!!!!!!! I just need a little piece of mind. It’s been a long time since I sent you the initial payment.
    thanks in advance, Scott

    p.s. Everything looks stunning!!!!!!!!!

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      Posted at 08:32h, 11 December

      Hello Scott, yes, of course you are still on the list. No worries! You will get an email that your Gold Tag is ready for delievery when I packed it up and made it ready to go. After the final payment it will go straight to the post office for insured and tracked delievery. This will be the procedure for all Gold Tag buyers.
      Thank you for staying with us for the long time from planning to ordering to delievery! 🙂

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    Posted at 05:24h, 10 December

    Where exactly are the plates going?

    I think of the Marshall YJM100 amplifier – the Yngwie signature amp – and perhaps to follow an excellent example set by YM & Marshall. He insisted on a stock looking front (minus “YJM” instead of “JMP” script), then the goodies/extras, and most importantly, the signature of Jim and Yngwie on the back.

    With the Replica project so far along, not to mention the the amazing graphics that Jake has worked so hard on, the signature plates and nomenclature require no less than the perfect placement.

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      Posted at 08:34h, 11 December

      We plan to put it on the top plate of the case, rather in the rear part of the top plate. No space for it on the front.

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