Gary Moore RIP

06 Feb Gary Moore RIP


Rob, 42 from Norwich, UK. Huge AC/DC fan since about 1979. I've had a few attempts at learning to play over the years but only really started once I stumbled on Fils riff raff tutorial in late 2008. Now I play whenever The family permits!

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    Posted at 10:56h, 07 February

    A sad day…R.I.P. Garry.

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    Posted at 09:07h, 07 February

    A friend of me just wrote me … Music has lost one of his greatest =( but his music will keep touching

    Rock on Gary!

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    Posted at 23:45h, 06 February

    Terrible news, will be sadly missed, a truly soulful guitarist.
    RIP Gary.

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    Posted at 19:24h, 06 February

    RIP????? I can’t believe it… That’s a very bad news…

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    Posted at 19:13h, 06 February

    It saddens me to my heart to hear this new, but unfortunatly it was true… Sigh… One more great guitarist has left us, and i say this and i mean it; i consider him to be one of the best of all time, his music and style was what made me pick up the guitar in the first place, this is…. I cannot describe it in any way… attempting will make it a discrace to Gary…. Rock In Peace Gary, wherever you are… :'(


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    Posted at 18:56h, 06 February

    Very saddend to hear about the death of Gary Moore.

    Check out this version of Red House. Fantastic tone & playing.

    RIP Gary.

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