14 Dec Solodallas goes .com!

Dear Members,
maybe you didn’t notice, but when you look on top of the page and on the address bar of your browser, you will see that you are now on solodallas.com.

This is the first step to get further with our site. Lots of things are going on in the background now, but don’t worry.
This site will always be dedicated to you: The members.

With sincere affection,
Your SoloDallas team

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11 Nov Spot the SVDS! Update: SVDS found in LTBR movie!

Begin Update
Our member Dries found the Schaffer-Vega Diversity System in the “Let there be Rock” movie, filmed in Paris 9th December 1979.
It has been always told that Angus was cabled during this legendary show, but thanks to Dries now we actually see a Schaffer-Vega Diversity System there:


And a modified version of this image, brighten up, gamma correction and another gamma correction run on the SVDS area:

This opens a whole new field of questions for us. The unit is definitely switched on. Why leave a device running when its not in use?
Did it break right before the show and went left running but unused?
Or did the transmitter had a problem and they placed it right next to the receiver and plugged a guitar cable into the transmitter?

What do you think?

Fil and I decided to reward member Dries for this spectacular finding with two solodallas.com T-Shirts. Many thanks, mate!

End Update

As promised, here we go: You found an original Schaffer-Vega Diversity System in a video or picture?
Like this one below?


Just post the link here in the comments, so we have them all together in one place.

I’ll start with a finding from member Emplexador, Jeff Lynne and ELO. Gibson LP through Marshalls

ELO, June 1978 Wembley – SVDS @ 0:41 and 2:13:

ELO, 1978 Osaka, Japan – SVDS @ 1:48:

And some more great findings from member Emplexador:

Bob Seger, San Diego, CA 1978 – SVDS RECEIVER @ 2:18

Bob Seger, Largo, Maryland 1980 – SVDS @ 1:00 and 2:03
(Very close caption of the transmitter! Uploader disabled embedding, please click on link to play)


Good one where you can appreciate the newfound freedom of movement from SVDS. Heart at Ontario Motor Speedway, California, March 1978.

SVDS transmitters throughout and receivers 0:42, 0:47, 1:10+

And finally, Angus was found too, again by Member Emplexador:

Angus Young, Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland. April 30, 1978. SVDS x10 transmitter located at bottom of strap. 720p HD

Angus Young, ”Veronika – Countdown”, Rijnhal, Arnhem, Holland. July 13, 1979. SVDS x10 transmitter located top of strap (above shoulder). 720p HD

Angus Young, Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland. April 30, 1978. 720p HD, clear views of encased x10 transmitter starting @ 1:35

And more findings by Member Emplexador:
Nile Rodgers playing his lucite strat. Pouch mounted SVDS x10 TX @ 2:05

Rolling Stones, Movie “Let’s spend the night together”, SVDS x10 transmitters used by Keith, Ronnie and Mick (18:41)
(Screenshot/Movie not included due to copyright, but I saw it)

Found by Member rugster:
Piece of Angus’ cream colored X10 transmitter visible taped to Guitar strap near guitar from “Let there be Rock” movie, the scene where each band member comes out of the caravan:
(Though Angus did NOT use the SVDS in the gig they filmed due it needed repair)

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15 Aug SoloDallas.net member Chris Morash (musicman2242) New Album “Listen To The Sound”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Member musicman2242 introduces us here his own, self written music. You want to introduce your own band here too? No problem, just contact me or Fil or leave a comment. Hope, you enjoy Chris’ Music.

Have fun, Franz.


Hello to the SoloDallas.net community!

My name is Chris Morash (a.k.a musicman2242 here). This is my first post as a contributor to the site and I would like to thank Solo Dallas and banane for helping me out :)

Like the title suggests, I’m writing this to tell everyone about my new album “Listen To The Sound”.

So, how ’bout I get started?

Over the last year I’ve been writing and recording my original music. I never intended for it to become a “release” nor did I plan to try and make something of it. I just wanted to have my songs recorded for myself to listen to basically because I really enjoy the music I write(not intended to sound like I’m “tooting my own horn”).

After getting two songs recorded, I figured, “Hey, why not make an album?”. So I did! :) If I had to categorize my album I’d say it falls somewhere in the Pop/Rock category. Even though I LOVE hard rock and old school Metal like AC/DC, Rhino Bucket, Jackyl, Dio and Iron Maiden I write completely different.

So on to the nuts and bolts:

I recorded the entire thing from home using the following

Boss BR-600 Multi-Track Digital Recorder

Various guitars

A drum program called Acoustica Beat Craft

and finally to mix everything I used Acoustica mp3 Audio Mixer and Audacity.

Everything you hear in each song is all done by me. Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, etc.


The goal of this is to get my music out there. These songs are the best I’ve written, I am completely confident that I can make something of this if I try hard enough and writing this article is one step (of many) that I’ve been able to take.

Sooner than later my songs are going to have my songs on various websites like iTunes & Amazon mp3 among others. I am currently selling my album at $7.00 CDN per copy in order to raise enough funds to have my songs put on the web. If anyone is interested email me @ musicman2242@gmail.com for more info.

I have said it before and I know I will always say it.. I am VERY proud to be a part of the SoloDallas.net community and I am proud to be able to share with you, something that is so very much a part of me. Everything I write, I feel or have experienced at some point in my life so all of these songs are in a way very personal. Just pure emotion, weather it’s happy, sad, angry, lost, loved, etc


I hope you all take the time to check out some of my tunes and I hope you all LOVE it! Feel free to leave comments/feedback and to contact me if you would like to get a copy.

Thank You,


Here are some links to my songs on YouTube


Promo Clips:



Single Word:





Never Say Goodbye:








You can also visit my YouTube Channel here:




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14 Aug New BOSS Pedal: The TS-1 (Just for a laugh)

Well… It seems that there is not much stuff going on here right now. 😛

I was a bit bored today (you know… Those times when you actually have stuff to do but feel like doing useless things instead) 😀
Anyway, I found a hilarious pic on Jake’s Facebook and decided to make something with it.

I always liked these “Demotivational posters”. They are quite funny. So I made one of them with it.
Then I had some ideas and made more of them.

Well… While we wait for more news from Fil, I decided to post them, just for comedic relief. After all, they are Rock and Roll realated in a way. :)

Here they are:

Silly post, isn’t it? 😛

Oh well… I hope you could at least get a laugh out of this.

If you want to make your own posters, you can go here.

C’mon guys! Let’s have some fun! Make your own Solodallas.net demotivational posters and post them here! 😀

Here are some from Marcus:

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22 Jun Just for Fun: Rock’n Roll ain’t noise pollution!?

Hello Guys,

just for a little laugh: Today, I found this on the bulletin board of our appartment house. English translation is below:


English translation:

Dear Sir or Madam!
Due to complaints regarding hours and hours of making music in an overdimensional level of loudness we would like to1 bring some poins of the house rules to your attention:

Point 12):
Sleep-and siesta times: Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. it’s not allowed to disrupt the night rest time, between 12 a.m. and 2 a.m. it’s not allowed to disrupe the siesta time.

Operating Radios, TVs or HiFis and making music must be done at room loudness level.

Point 13):
Noise pollutions: In the appartments and in the stairways every extraordinary noise pollutions must be avoided. Especially consider tenants with small childs or night workers.

In the sense of a good neighborhood, we ask you to consider the above points.

Kind regards,


Guys, did you read this? “Overdimensional level of loudness”! Feeling sort of proud now. And, well, I adjusted my Attenuator again.



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14 Apr Introducing the SoloDallas.net file space

Hello all,

one of your requests were a space for exchanging data. Pictures, Guitar rig settings, audio files. Now we have one.

The SoloDallas.net file space at http://filespace.exception.at/ .

Access is free for every member, though everyone who wants to use it, needs to request a password from me. Also, if you have any questions, just send me a mail to banane@exception.at or ask here in the comments.

Please keep in mind that the file space is only for us here at solodallas.com and only for exchanging data and other files of interest.


How does it work?

Simple. After logging in, you will see a list of folders:

Uploading files

In my example here, I want to upload a picture of Fil. So just click on the folder where you want to upload your data. Please don’t upload data outside a folder, we need to keep it proper there.

Now I click on the “Upload” icon in the upper right. A File requester comes up:


After selecting the file to upload, click on “Upload”. The file is transferred to the server now. Depending on the size of the file and your internet connection speed, it can take some time.

Maximum file size is 200 Megabytes. Not 750 Megabytes as shown in the picture.

Now the file is uploaded:

Describing Files

Often, after some days/weeks/months nobody remembers a file by its name. So it’s important to enter a description. To enter a description for a file, click on the Icon at the left of the file name, in the “Type” column:


Now you can enter a meaningful description, dont forget to click “Edit description” at the end to save the description:


The description is now visible in the Desctiption field in the file list:


Downloading files

Most files can be downloaded by just clicking on their name. Some files like images will be shown directly instead of downloaded. here you can either right-click on the name and chose “Download file” from the context menu or use the small “Arrow down” button at the left of the file name:



Linking Files

A cool feature is the file linking. You want to notify one of your mates here at solodallas.com that you upload a file for him in an easy way? No problem, just send him the link.

Right click on the file name, chose “Copy link address” and send him the copied link address. He has to log on at the file space and can download it afterwards by clicking on the link you sent him.


Any questions left? No problem, just ask here in the comments or mail me at banane@exception.at.



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