26 May Less Is More: Mr. Marshall Switzerland Bruno Eicher talks about his TSR Gold Tag

Dear Members,

please say hello to Mr. Bruno Eicher, better known as “Mr. Marshall Switzerland”. I think this is quite the right name for him.

Bruno Eicher receiving his Gold Tag

Bruno Eicher right after receiving his Gold Tag

Bruno Eicher receiving his Gold Tag

Gold Tags and vintage SG’s fit great together, no?














And of course he tried it out right after site member Daniel Meier (who obtained this unit for Bruno) handed over his unit. And as it seems, it sounds great on Orange amps as well:

As usual, I’ll hand over the mike to Bruno himself now:

Wow Wow Wow Yes, thats it! I’m speechless and totally happy with my TSR.

I thank God, Filippo Olivieri and the whole SoloDallas Team for their work and what they created. It took me the last 20 years to find the perfect sound for my projects. With the TSR and my Marshall Equipment, I finally found my personal Bruno Eicher sound.

In the past 20 years I tried lots of Effect/Boost devices, but the TSR Gold Tag beats them all and will always be my number one.

Conclusion No. 1 after the tests: less is more and and without any knick-knacks between (the GT) into the amp!

The TSR brings that honest earthy Rock’n Roll sound to my Marshall Equipment and my SGs.

With the right settings, it’s a breeze to play the right sound from clean to crunch just with the volume tuner on the guitar. And it’s amazing how clean the the single notes and chords are hearable.

Said it and picked up his guitar again (Facebook login required to watch video).

Bruno and his Marshalls. Actually, just a few of them.

This is how Marshall/Gibson addiction looks like in Switzerland. Bruno Eicher is mesmerized of the JMP100s from 1968 and 1972 and collected a few of them.

Bruno's SG's

Just a few of Bruno’s SG’s. Looks like a preference for a specific model?


I can only imagine how this wall of Marshalls would sound. Gives me goosebumps.

Final words from Bruno himself:

As an old, but still young in mind Rocker, I will start through again like in younger years and inspire all the humans out there! Maybe I’ll find on this way the missing band members who will part my passion with me.
I’m searching for: Singer (Bon Scott), Bassist, Rhythm guitarist, drummer!

So, if you wanna join Bruno and rock your ass off: hit it!


Bruno Salute

Final Salute from Bruno


Well, and if you ask me: Could I please be like him when I’m older?

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21 May Another Little mystery unveiled by Angus Young in person (with help by Ken Schaffer, Then and Now)

Well, this surely isn’t a scoop… but I had forgotten to tell you about it.

While we (Ken Schaffer and I) were in Vancouver, at the Warehouse Studio meeting Angus Young to deliver The Schaffer Replica S/N001 to him personally, several subjects were touched.

It was then that – among other things – Angus told us about a little thing that used to be a mystery for some time to many (me included).

If you observe this picture,

Angus Young, Glasgow 1978, Recording “If you Want Blood (You’ve Got It), Live. What’s the mysterious object on the strap?

you will certainly notice the mysterious item on the strap. (more…)

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Filippo Olivieri and Angus Young 3

16 May Full Circle: SoloDallas Meeting Angus Young. Part Two.

Of course, both Ken & I gave in to Ellen’s second request that we join them all in feasting – happily so. The meal would have also given me an excuse for my silence – shock, more than silence – keeping my mouth full (though politely) could have calmed me down, I thought. And it worked. It just worked. The meal was delicious, which I am sure helped me quite a bit. Dinner was a healthy Asian recipe cooked by Ellen in a wok, containing rice, chicken and vegetables. Lightly on the spicy side (ask Ken about it).  Eating “family style” was a relaxing sign for us all.

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16 Apr Go Go Gorillo: King Kongs of Rock’n’ Roll: First Album recorded with the Schaffer Replica!

Dear Members,

Several months ago, a guy contacted us and asked us about the Schaffer Replica, about Fil and his search for the tone. This lead to an interview with Franz and Fil (over Skype) and to an interview article on the Austrian online music magazine “Backbeat”: The Raiders Of The Lost Sound. But this isn’t all.

Of course, this very nice guy, Rocco Carletto, as he calls himself, is also a guitarist and plays in a rock band. What else? (more…)

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06 Mar A member, an impression, and a demo

Hello, fellow SoloDallas.com Members!


headwhop26 here– making a post on SoloDallas.com for the first time.


I received my Schaffer Replica about a week ago. I raced home from band practice when my older brother picture messaged me a yellow box from Vienna, Austria; this box had been well-traveled. I ran out, bought a European power supply and plugged it right in. Now that I’ve had a chance to tinker with it for a short while, I thought I would post some videos: first my impressions, then some playing.


I first wanted to shoot videos for variation. Most of the videos posted so far have players with Marshall/British-style amplifiers. I use a Fender amp and a rather obscure guitar compared to most Gibsons. I thought I could showcase what TSR can do with an amp that is not geared toward the hard rock mode of playing.


Soon I would love to enlist a few friends and shoot proper videos. Keep in mind that there is nothing “proper” about these videos— not the proper mics, just an iPod camera, marginal recording space, makeshift camera setup. So bear with me on my tacky setup, I just wanted to get something out there first. Im not up to the quality of our fearless leader, Fil :)


Gear used:

Fender Blues Deluxe 1×12, 40 watts, Jensen Speaker

Gretsch G6117HT with TV Jones Hi-Lo-Tron pickups

Grestch Electromatic G5248T with TV Jones Classic Plus

Ramble FX Un-professional Mk II Twin Bender Fuzz pedal

Fender PT-100 Pedal Tuner

Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive

Xotic FX BB Preamp Overdrive


TSR, First Impressions (if I seem tired in this first video, its because I am!)



Playing around with my Schaffer Replica



A set images of what I am using. With this rig I do everything from blues jams and traditional stuff like the Jimmy Reed shuffles I played in the video, to punk rock n roll with my band. Click them to make them larger.








IMG_0067  IMG_0066

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